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Wednesday March 19, 2014
(Courtesy of AARN) Bridgeport and Airport speedways are working together to host a six race “King of the Port” series this season for the 600cc and 270cc Micro Sprints. The two tracks, located in Bridgeport, N.J. and New Castle, Delaware are less than 25 miles apart.

Bridgeport will host the series opener on Friday, April 18 and the second race as well on Friday, June 13; along with a third event on Friday, August 22. Airport, which races weekly on Saturday nights, will run the first two of their King of the Port races on Friday nights when Bridgeport is dark - April 25 and September 12. They’ll then end the series with an event on Saturday, October 11. Racers will draw for starting positions at these events. A series
point fund sponsor is being sought and a purse is not yet confirmed.

Bridgeport will also be holding a three race Poker Series for the 600 and 270 Micros and the Slingshots . These events will all be held on
Sunday nights starting at 5:30 p.m. to entice outsiders to join the track regulars. These events will be held on April 27, July 6 and September 14. The four-cylinder stocks will also be on the program. There will be no Friday night racing those weekends and track show-up points only will be given. The 600cc & 270cc Micro-Sprints will run wingless for these Poker races. Look for the 600cc winner to get $500, although a purse has yet to be confirmed. Bridgeport is currently looking for sponsorship to help with the Poker Series point fund.

Since there are only three races to this special Poker Series, two more “poker cards” will be added by the first two race winners to make
a five card hand. In victory lane the race winner will draw a card that all competitors will then add to their hand. Bridgeport management is putting an extra focus this season on its program for its inner quarter-mile oval. Track owner Brian Ramey has chosen Danny Serrano from his full-time staff to take on some extra responsibility. Along with his duties for the big track, Danny will be spending extra time on inner oval events and act as pit steward at those races.

Working closely with Airport Speedway, Bridgeport will now pay the same purse as them on Friday nights. They’ve also dropped the weekly handicapping, with all racers picking for heat race starting positions. The winner of the final heat race will now pick an inversion pill of either 0, 3, 6, 9 or 12. Whatever number is picked one week, will not be in the bag the next to insure the same inversion will not be set two weeks in a row. Bridgeport’s Friday night program now starts later, with the first heat
race planned for 8 p.m. Along with the three Sunday Poker series races, the Slingshots will also be added to two Friday night programs as well as the Bill Thomas Memorial on Saturday, October 18 at Bridgeport. By New Jersey State rules a Slingshot driver can compete as young as age 14 or 15 with a State waiver.