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Tuesday July 29, 2014
Upcoming Events
Friday, August 1st – 600cc and 270cc Micro Sprints, Four Cylinder Enduro (on 1/4mile) and the TSRS 305 Sprints (on 5/8th mile) – racing starts at 8pm
Saturday, August 2nd – QUARTER MIDGET NIGHT (ATCO SJQMA – Blackbird QMRC – Phoenixville MCQMRC) – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman and Outlaw Stocks
Friday, August 8th – No Racing
Saturday, August 9th – CAMERA AND AUTOGRAPH NIGHT – Big Block Modifieds, Crate Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks and TSRS Sprints – racing starts at 7pm
Sunday, August 10th – RESCHEDULED – POKER SERIES #2 – 600cc Wingless Micro Sprints, 270cc Micro Sprints, Four Cylinders and Slingshots – racing starts at 5:30pm


The Bridgeport Speedway inner circle provided plenty of action with four division competing. Sam Lamothe won his first 600cc Micro Sprint feature of the season. Joe Dopke won his third 270cc Micro Sprint feature of the season and overtakes Tyler Reinhardt for the division’s point lead. Justin Dunn returned to Victory Lane in the Four Cylinder Enduro division for the third time this season and B.J. Antonio won his second Bridgeport Speedway feature event for the visiting Slingshot division.

Lamothe competed with the 270cc Micro Sprints last week and finished fourth and third in the Twin 15’s. This week he returned with his 600cc Micro Sprint. Starting sixth in the field, Lamothe steadily moved through the field until he was in second behind leader Chris Locuson. A caution with four laps to go brought Lamothe right to Locuson’s tail as the restart was single file. Lamothe first tried the outside and then the inside to gain the top spot. As the pair came to the white flag, Lamothe made a dash to the inside and claimed the lead. Lamothe then held the top spot to the checkered to claim his first win. Chris Locuson held on for second with Sam Locuson finishing third. Lee Nardelli finished fourth with Carl Locuson fifth.

Glen Frye, Jr. jumped out to the early lead in the 270cc Micro Sprint feature. Joe Dopke overhauled Frye on a lap six restart to take the lead and survived a number of restarts to claim his third win of the season. Frye held on for second followed by Steve Coslop, Roland Saxton and Lee Reinhardt completed the top five. Dopke made it look easy but explained in Victory Lane that the motor was tired and was glad that it survived to the end.

Antonio led the entire distance for the visiting Slingshots. Antonio started from the pole and gradually pulled away from Jason Schenker to record the victory by more than a straightaway in the non-stop contest. Dave Morrell was third followed by Dave McCullough and Tess Horvath

Dunn won his third Four Cylinder Enduro feature this season in what proved to be a very entertaining non-stop event. Art Knapp led the opening two laps before Dunn completed the pass for the lead. Knapp held second until halfway when Joe Garey and Chris German were able to make their way past for second and third. Knapp held on to finish fourth with Cheri LaClaire finishing fifth.

1. Sam Lamothe, 2. Chris Locuson, 3. Sam Locuson, 4. Lee Nardelli, 5. Carl Locuson, 6. Luke Thomas, 7. Ed Barber III, 8. Dave Carlberg, 9. Bill Thomas, 10. Ernie Miles, 11. Jim Tippin, 12. Nick Havens, 13. Steve Kemery, 14. Joe Butts, 15. Charles Colburn, 16. Steven Bracall, 17. Andrew Locuson

1. Joe Dopke, 2. Glen Frye, Jr., 3. Steve Coslop, 4. Roland Saxton, 5. Lee Reinhardt, 6. Billy Gray, 7. Jonathan John, 8. John Blanda, 9. Samantha Lieberman, 10. R.J. Magyari, 11. Sean Huesser, 12. Tyler Reinhardt

1. B.J. Antonio, 2. Jason Schenker, 3. Dave Morrell, 4. Dave McCullough, 5. Tess Horvath, 6. Rick Partite, 7. Donny Hockman, 8. William Mohring, 9. Lou Partite, 10. Steve Schenker

FOUR CYLINDER ENDURO (20 LAPS) – 1. Justin Dunn, 2. Joe Garey, 3. Chris German, 4. Art Knapp, 5. Cheri LaClaire, 6. Carley Rocap, 7. John Webster, 8. Ryan Bigley, 9. John Gray, 10. Kevin Hirshfeld