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Saturday May 11, 2013
Bridgeport, NJ (May 11, 2013) - On Bridgeport Speedway’s inner dirt oval, Jay Hartman racked up two wins. Sam Lamothe and Jay Hartman each won a 600cc Micro-Sprint main event on Twin 15 Night. Jay Hartman took the checkered flag in the 270cc Micro-Sprint feature. Scott Dunn scored the victory in the 4-Cylinder Enduro Car race.

After gaining the lead on the fifth circuit, Sam Lamothe paced the field for the remaining distance to win the first 15-lap 600cc Micro-Sprint feature. Dave Carlberg led the opening four tours of the race with Lamothe running in second. Following a restart, Lamothe scooted by Carlberg for the top spot. Jeff Hartman, who started the race in fourteenth, moved into the runner-up position on lap 7. With five circuits to go, Lamothe had a half-straightaway lead over Jeff Hartman. Three laps later, Lamothe’s lead had diminished to a few car lengths with lap traffic on the horizon. On the final tour in lap traffic, Lamothe was able to hold off Jeff Hartman to win his first 600cc Micro-Sprint feature at Bridgeport Speedway by one car length. Andrew Locuson, Chris Locuson, and Sam Locuson completed the top five finishers.

In the second 15-lap 600cc Micro-Sprint feature, Jay Hartman slipped beneath Joe Kay on the final corner to take the victory. Prior to losing the lead in the final moments, Kay had led the race since the beginning. Jay Hartman, who began the event in fifth place, moved into the runner-up spot on lap 6. With two circuits remaining, Kay and Jay Hartman were locked in a duel for the lead in the midst of lap traffic. As the white flag waved, Jay Hartman tried to gain the lead with an outside move. Down the backstretch, Jay Hartman shifted to the inside groove just before the top two entered the third corner. Coming out of the last turn, Jay Hartman was able to nip Kay for the win. Jeff Hartman, Tyler DeVault, and Jon Keller finished behind Jay Hartman and Kay. Jay Hartman, Steve Bracall, and Chris Locuson each claimed a 600cc Micro-Sprint heat race. The consolation event was won by Joe Kay.

Jay Hartman took the lead from Jonathan John with nine circuits left and went on to win the 20-lap 270cc Micro-Sprint feature. Tyler Reinhardt finished in second. Third place went to Randy Oswald with Steve Coslop finishing in fourth and Richie Keller coming home in fifth. Qualifying races in the 270cc Micro-Sprint class were taken by Steve Coslop and Jon Keller.

In the 20-lap 4-Cylinder Enduro Car race, Scott Dunn survived a last circuit restart to win his third consecutive feature. Warren Stradley, John Gray, Art Knapp, and Todd Francis followed Dunn across the finish line.

Bridgeport Speedway provides a safe and secure family atmosphere, free parking, giveaways, and fan participation games. Billed ‘The Fastest Dirt Track in the East’, Bridgeport Speedway is a banked 5/8th mile dirt oval, featuring a dirt 1/4 mile oval embedded in the center, and is located in Southern New Jersey -- just minutes from Pennsylvania and Delaware at exit 14 off of I-295.


600cc Micro-Sprints

Heat 1 - 1. Jay Hartman 2. Shane Lewis 3. Ed Barber, III 4. Sam Locuson 5. Tim Iulg 6. Jon Keller Heat 2 - 1. Steve Bracall 2. Dave Carlberg 3.Carl Locuson 4. PJ Williams 5. Jeff Hartman 6. Tyler DeVault
Heat 3 - 1. Chris Locuson 2. Richie Keller 3.Sam Lamothe 4. Andrew Locuson 5. Lee Nardelli 6. Luke Thomas
Consolation - 1. Joe Kay 2.Jermain Godshall 3. Jim Tippin 4. Jack Conover 5. Bill Thomas 6. Mark Landwher
Provisionals – Stephen Kemery, Ernie Miles, III


1. SAM LAMOTHE 2. Jeff Hartman 3. Andrew Locuson 4. Chris Locuson 5. Sam Locuson 6. Dave Carlberg 7. Jon Keller 8. Jay Hartman 9. Shane Lewis 10. Tyler DeVault 11. Joe Kay 12. Ed Barber, III 13. Richie Keller 14. Carl Locuson 15. Bill Thomas 16. Luke Thomas 17. Stephen Kemery 18. Jermain Godshall 19. Jim Tippin 20. Lee Nardelli 21. Ernie Miles, III 22. Mark Landwher 23. Tim Iulg 24. Jack Conover 25. PJ Williams

DNS: Steve Bracall
DNQ: Rebecca Lamothe, Mike Fillibrun, Jerry Allen, Dan James,Jon Holmquist


1. JAY HARTMAN 2. Joe Kay 3. Jeff Hartman 4. Tyler DeVault 5. Jon Keller 6. Luke Thomas 7. Sam Locuson 8. Sam Lamothe 9. Richie Keller 10. Bill Thomas 11. Steve Bracall 12. Andrew Locuson 13. Chris Locuson 14. Carl Locuson 15. Tim Iulg 16. Jim Tippin 17. Dave Carlberg 18. Jermain Godshall 19. Ed Barber, III 20. Ernie Miles, III 21. PJ Williams 22. Mark Landwher 23. Jack Conover

DNS: Stephen Kemery, Lee Nardelli
DQ: Shane Lewis

270cc Micro-Sprints

Heat 1 - 1. Steve Coslop 2. Jay Hartman 3. Joe Dopke 4. Billy Gray 5. Jonathan John 6. Justin Stillwagon
Heat 2 - 1. Jon Keller 2. John Blanda 3. Marco Michetti 4. Randy Oswald 5. Tyler Reinhardt 6. RJ Magyari


1. JAY HARTMAN 2. Tyler Reinhardt 3. Randy Oswald 4. Steve Coslop 5. Richie Keller 6. Marco Michetti 7. Joe Dopke 8. Luke Fogg 9. Kyle Spence 10. John Blanda 11. Jonathan John 12. Billy Gray 13. Don Barone 14. RJ Magyari

DNS: Jon Keller, Justin Stillwagon


1. SCOTT DUNN 2. Warren Stradley 3. John Gray 4. Art Knapp 5. Todd Francis