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Friday August 31, 2012
Swedesboro, NJ (August 31, 2012) – On Pair of Poker Series Night at Bridgeport Speeway, Billy Pauch, Sr. won the fourth hand of the Big Block Modified Poker Series in exciting fashion. In the 30-lap Poker Series event for the Crate Sportsmen, Travis Hill took the checkered flag. Jeff Dirkes topped the competition in the Outlaw Stock Car ranks.

At the start of the 40-lap Big Block Modified race, Ron Roberts motored to the front with Matt Harrell and Brian Kressley in tow. Just as action was heating up, Stan Frankenfield and Ryan Watt got into tangle on the third circuit to bring out the yellow flag. When racing resumed, Roberts maintained his lead with Harrell and Kressley battling for second. Kressley took over the runner-up spot on lap 5 and began to reel in Roberts. Roberts fought off the challenges of Kressley on tours nine and ten to maintain his front running position. As the top two were in a tussle, the collection of Harrell, Duane Howard, Jimmy Horton, Rick Laubach, Billy Pauch, Sr. and Wade Hendrickson inched closer and formed an eight-car breakaway on lap 14. By the fifteenth circuit, Roberts was still on top in lap traffic with Kressley still in second and Howard moving by Harrell for third place. By lap 19, Howard was trying to wrestle away the runner-up position from Kressley. After several circuits of battling for second place, Howard was finally able to secure the spot with eighteen laps to go. On laps 23 and 24, Roberts fended off the challenges of Howard to keep his lead while Harrell slipped by Kressley to gain third. With fifteen tours to go, the top seven of Roberts, Howard, Harrell, Kressley, Horton, Laubach and Pauch, Sr. were still close to one another during this long period of green flag activity. On the lap 28, Horton edged by Kressley to gain fourth place. During the next revolution, Howard tried again to maneuver by Roberts for the lead but was denied. With ten tours remaining, Harrell slipped by Howard to move into the runner-up position. On lap 32 after a long period of green flag racing, the second caution of the contest happened when Dave Witte stopped near the outside wall in turn four. During the yellow flag period, Kressley dropped out of the event with a mechanical issue. When the green lights illuminated, Horton rocketed from fourth to first with Roberts, Pauch, Sr., Laubach, and Harrell in pursuit. On lap 34, Pauch, Sr., Laubach and Harrell had just drove past Roberts when Roberts slowed down on the track to bring out the third and final caution of the race. When action got back underway, Horton held off Pauch, Sr. and Laubach to keep his lead with the top three in tight quarters. After trying to use the outer lane on lap 37 to gain the lead from Horton, Pauch, Sr. switched to the lower groove on the next circuit and was along the side of Horton as they entered turn one. Coming out of the second corner, Pauch, Sr. was now on top of the field with two laps to go. When the checkered flag waved, it was Pauch, Sr. in front with Horton holding off Laubach for second. Harrell’s strong run garnered him fourth. Howard drove Craig Pondish’s Modified to a fifth place finish. Stan Frankenfield, Jr., Duane Howard, and Billy Pauch, Sr. were the winners in the Big Block Modified heat races. The Consolation event went to Jesse Hill.

After taking the lead on lap 13, Travis Hill put on a dominating performance to win the 30-lap Crate Sportmen feature. In this fourth hand of the Crate Sportsmen Poker Series, Ryan Anderson took the lead and set the pace for the first twelve circuits before the sixth place starting Hill ascended to the top. Hill now has six victories in the season with three of them coming in Poker Series contests. Neal Williams ran a strong race to finish in second. Anderson, Matt Budd and rookie Ricky DiEva completed the top five. The Crate Sportsmen qualifying events were won by Tommy Beamer and Mike Cogdill.

For the seventh time this season, Jeff Dirkes won the 15-lap Outlaw Stock car feature. Terry Griffin led the opening ten tours before Dirkes took over the lead. With Griffin finishing second, Pete Ellis wound up in third place. Russell Wurst and Jimmy Avery rounded out the top five. Terry Griffin and Jimmy Hughes were victors in the heat races for the Outlaw Stock Cars.

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Big Block Modifieds

Heat 1 - 1. Stan Frankenfield, Jr. 2. Ron Roberts 3. Jimmy Horton 4. Ryan Watt 5. Brett Ballard 6. Eric Kormann
Heat 2 - 1. Duane Howard 2. Dominic Buffalino 3. Brian Kressley 4. Dave Witte 5. Wade Hendrickson 6. Neil Huber
Heat 3 - 1. Billy Pauch, Sr. 2. Rick Laubach 3. Scott Ambruster 4. Matt Harrell 5. Mike Barone 6. Steve Durand
Consolation - 1. Jesse Hill 2. Richie Pratt, Jr. 3. Sean Gunther 4. Bob Sarkisian 5. Corey Andersen 6. Rick Wegner


1. BILLY PAUCH SR. 2. Jimmy Horton 3. Rick Laubach 4. Matt Harrell 5. Duane Howard 6. Brett Ballard 7. Wade Hendrickson 8. Jesse Hill 9. Eric Kormann 10. Mike Barone 11. Steve Durand 12. Ron Roberts 13. Corey Andersen 14. Neil Huber 15. Brian Kressley 16. Dave Witte 17. Scott Ambruster 18. Bob Sarkisian 19. Rick Wegner 20. Richie Pratt, Jr. 21 Sean Gunther 22. Stan Frankenfield, Jr. 23. Ryan Watt 24. Dominic Buffalino

DNQ: Scott Hulmes, Mike Franz, Ed Firth, PJ Oliver, Don Cogdill, Pete Serra

Crate Sportsmen

Heat 1 - 1. Tommy Beamer 2. Scott Hitchens 3. Neal Williams 4. Ryan Wozunk 5. Tom Miller 6. Brad Roberts
Heat 2 - 1. Mike Cogdill 2. Matt Budd 3. Ryan Anderson 4. Travis Hill 5. Brett Kressley 6. CJ Jones


1. TRAVIS HILL 2. Neal Williams 3. Ryan Anderson 4. Matt Budd 5. Ricky DiEva 6. Tommy Beamer 7. Brett Kressley 8. Scott Hitchens 9. Mike Cogdill 10. CJ Jones 11. Kyle Hieber 12. Dave Damiano 13. Wayne Groover 14. John Bilofsky 15. Brett Kelly 16. Andrew Krause 17. Tom Miller 18. Ryan Wozunk 19. Brad Roberts

Outlaw Stocks

Heat 1 - 1. Terry Griffin 2. Tom Boehlert 3. Jimmy Avery 4. Anthony DiBenedetto 5. Joe Robinson 6. Pete Ellis
Heat 2 - 1. Jimmy Hughes 2. Russell Wurst 3. Fred Tomarchio 4. Joe LaClaire 5. Cleve Riehl 6. Jeff Dirkes


1. JEFF DIRKES 2. Terry Griffin 3. Pete Ellis 4. Russell Wurst 5. Jimmy Avery 6. Tom Boehlert 7. Joe LaClaire 8. Jimmy Hughes 9. Fred Tomarchio 10. Andy Whittaker 11. Anthony DiBenedetto 12. John Rambo 13. Joe Robinson 14. Ron Dirkes 15. Cleve Riehl