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Monday June 23, 2014

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Friday, June 27 – No Racing

Saturday, June 28 – GRADUATION NIGHT – SCOUT & LITTLE LEAGUE NIGHT sponsored by Joy Auto Parts– Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, TSRS 305 Sprints & Rookie Graduation – racing at 7pm

Thursday, July 3 - High Stakes at the Port Poker Series #3 - Homeless Pet Collection - Bike Giveaways - Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks - racing at 7:30 (Rain date - Sunday, July 6th if needed)

Friday, July 4 - No Racing

Sunday, July 6 - Poker Series #2 - 600cc & 270 cc Micro Sprints, 4 Cylinders and Sling Shots


Martz, Hendrickson, Hill and Beaumont Win First of Season

What a night of racing at the Bridgeport Speedway!

Five features - four new winners and in each case, the race for the win came right down to the wave of the checkered flag!

The Spirit Dodge Big Block Modifieds faced off in Twin Blackjack 21s - two twenty-one lap feature events that offered a $500 bonus to the driver who had the best hand of Black Jack at the end of the two races. The special bonus was sponsored by Bob Straight of Twin Oaks.

In the first 21 lap contest, Sam Martz of Whitehouse Station, NJ took the lead at the wave of the green and held it all of the way to the checkered flag to end a stretch of bad luck at the Bridgeport Speedway for the popular driver. Martz's last win came on September 7 of 2013. Martz drove to the win despite a late race challenge by 2012 Bridgeport Champion, Rick Laubach who closed in on the leader in the final laps. Ryan Watt, Dave Witte and Jimmy Horton trailed Martz and Laubach to the finish.

The top ten finishers from the first 21 lap feature were inverted for the start of the second feature race. Matt Harrell and Eric Kormann traded the lead several times during the first ten laps with Harrell regaining the top spot on lap ten. Harrell slowed on lap twelve, bringing out the caution. The new race leader was Ryan Watt. Watt led the way as Wade Hendrickson moved up to second and Jimmy Horton took over third. Watt led through lap eighteen when Hendrickson mounted a challenge for the lead. Hendrickson was out in front as the leaders raced to the line on lap nineteen but Watt had the lead to score lap twenty. Hendrickson regained the lead on the final lap leading the way to the checkered flag and his first Bridgeport victory since the 2010 season when Hendrickson was Bridgeport's Track Champion. Horton edged Watt for second at the finish line with Laubach and Dominic Buffalino rounding out the top five.

Laubach's second and fourth place finish earned him the $500 bonus for the best hand of Black Jack.

Hendrickson praised the track surface - the result of the hard work of Keith Hoffman. "It really helps when you have a racer prepare the track," Hendrickson stated. "If they keep the track like this, there will be some really good racing here at Bridgeport," the three time Bridgeport Champion added. Hoffman, who still races on occasion, is part of the Bridgeport Speedway Management Team and it is his responsibility to prepare the track surface every week.

Jesse Hill's last lap challenge paid off as he picked up his first feature win of the season - his first since the 2012 season - as he pulled ahead of race leader, CJ Jones as the pair raced to the finish line and the checkered flag in the 811 Dig Safely Crate/Sportsman feature event. Kris Lilick led the first five laps before Jones took over on lap six. Jones then led right up until the checkered flag. Lilick finished third behind Hill and Jones with Jesse James Bonaduce finishing fourth and current point leader, Travis Hill rounding out the top five. In addition to the win, Jesse Hill also picked up the Searock Landscaping Hard Charger Award.

Jack Beaumont picked up his first ever feature win in the Stewart Stainless Outlaw Stock Feature event, leading only the final two turns of the last lap when race leader, Jeramy Doerr slowed. Beaumont won the drag race to the checkered flag for the win over Ed Tinsman, Doug DeBray, Jeramy Doerr and Art Avery.

Rich Deck Jr. took the lead from David Crossman on lap four and then drove away from his nearest competition to take his second win in the DA's Auto Body & Repair Rookie division. Crossman finished second with Matthew Peck, Mike Liccardi and Steve Desmelyk rounding out the top five. Just one more week of competition remains until the 2014 Rookie Champion will be named.

Spirit Dodge Big Block Modified Feature (1st Black Jack 21) 1. Sam Martz 2. Rick Laubach 3. Ryan Watt 4. Dave Witte 5. Jimmy Horton 6. Richie Pratt Jr. 7. Wade Hendrickson 8. Brett Ballard 9. Eric Kormann 10. Matt Harrell 11. Rocco Infante 12. Dominic Buffalino 13. Scott Ambruster 14. Brian Kressley 15. Tom Beamer 16. Ron Roberts 17. John Pakenham 18. Mike Franz 19. Kyle Hieber 20. Andrew Krause 21. Tom Maccherone 22. Jason Rivers 23. David Hunt 24. Cory Anderson

Spirit Dodge Big Block Modified Feature (2nd Black Jack 21) 1. Wade Hendrickson 2. Jimmy Horton 3. Ryan Watt 4. Rick Laubach 5. Dominic Buffalino 6. Eric Kormann 7. Richie Pratt 8. Dave Witte 9. Sam Martz 10. Scott Ambruster 11. Rocco Infante 12. Tom Beamer 13. Ron Roberts 14. John Pakenham 15. Brett Ballard 16. Brian Kressley 17. Tom Maccherone 18. Kyle Hieber 19. Jason Rivers 20. Andrew Krause 21. David Hunt 22. Matt Harrell 23. Mike Franz 24. Jesse James Bonaduce

811 Dig Safely Crate Sportsman Feature (20 laps) 1. Jesse Hill 2. CJ Jones 3. Kris Lilick 4. Jesse James Bonaduce 5. Travis Hill 6. Steve Searock 7. Scott Hulmes 8. Gary Hieber 9. Marc Hermann 10. Ricky DiEva 11. Brad Roberts 12. Pete Serra 13. George Nardelli 14. Jason Duppel 15. Matthew Peck 16. Jeff Druprez 17. Justin Lilick 18. David Crossman 19. Blake Bracelin 20. Steve Desmelyk 21. Jeff Sargent 22. Jimmy Weiss 23. Frank Holmes 24. Mike Liccardi


Stewart Stainless Outlaw Stock Feature (15 laps) 1. Jack Beaumont 2. Ed Tinsman 3. Doug Debray 4. Jeramy Doerr 5. Art Avery 6. Jimmy Avery 7. Jim Neely 8. Terry Griffin 9. Cleve Riehl 10. David Kramer

DA's Auto Body & Repair Rookie Feature (8 laps) 1. Rich Deck 2. David Crossman 3. Matthew Peck 4. Michael Liccardi

5. Steve Desmelyk 6. Justin Lilick 7. Jeff Sargent 8. Blake Bracelin