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Monday May 10, 2010
BRIDGEPORT, NJ (May 9, 2010) - On Mother’s Day and Scout Night at Bridgeport Speedway, Ryan Watt took the checkered flag in the Big Block Modified race. In the Crate Modified class, Larry Lippincott scored the win. Pat Conaway won the Proformance Cuts Outlaw Stocks event and Matt Budd was the victor in the Rookie race.

After the original start of the 25-lap Big Block Modified feature was slowed down by a spin by Bobby Firth, Bob Sarkisian hopped out to the lead with Mike Franz, Brett Ballard, Chad James and Jesse Hill in the hunt. Ballard promptly moved up to second on lap 2 but he clipped a slowing Jason Duppel bringing out the second yellow flag. On the ensuing restart, Sarkisian maintained his lead and extended it as the laps clicked off. On lap 10, Sarkisian’s comfortable lead evaporated as Tommy Scheetz, Jr. slowed down on the front straightaway. When the green flag waved, Sarkisian was still the man in charge of the pack with Franz in second. Brian Kressley gained the third spot from James on lap 12. One circuit later, Chic Cossaboone and Scott Irwin tangled in turn four which set the stage for a series of misfired restarts. Brian Kressley muscled his way past Franz to advance to the runner-up spot on the eventual restart with Ryan Watt springing up to fourth place. On lap 16, the yellow lights illuminated the track again as Kressley hit the backstretch wall. The top three of Sarkisan, Franz and Watt remained in order until flat tires slowed Wade Hendrickson and Rusty Smith on the track on lap 18. After a tangle on the attempted restart, several cars including Watt went pitside. The new top three of Sarkisian, Franz and Richie Pratt, Jr. were at the head of the field with Pratt gaining second on lap 19 just as a yellow flag appeared for Ron Roberts. Sarkisian’s attempt for his second career win in the Big Block Modified ranks came to an end as he developed a flat when action resumed. With Pratt, Jr. in front, Jimmy Chester drove up to second as Franz’s car slowed with a flat yielding another stoppage in the action. When action got back underway, Watt, who had worked his way back up towards the front from an earlier visit to the pits, got by Chester for second and quickly closed in on Pratt, Jr. On lap 22, the top two were side by side entering turn one and contact ensued which resulted in front end damage on Pratt’s car and a multi-car accident. As the new leader, Watt took off on the final restart and led the last few laps to win his first Big Block Modified feature at Bridgeport Speedway. Chester wound up in second place with Brian Kressley finishing in third. Butch Tittle came home in fourth place and fifth went to Chad James. Sarkisian, Chester and Pratt, Jr. each picked up a heat race victory.

In the 20-lap Crate Modified event, Larry Lippincott worked his way past Jimmy Anderson on lap 18 to achieve his second win of 2010. Anderson led the opening eighteen laps of the race and finished in second place. Brett Kressley completed the race in third place. Mike Cogdill and Frank Dorry, Jr. completed the top five finishers. Chuck Hopkins and Kressley were victors in the Crate Modified heats.

Pat Conaway collected his thirty-third career win in the Proformance Cuts Outlaw Stock feature. Conaway worked his way past Jeff Dirkes on lap 3 to pick up the victory. Jeremy Doerr, Karl Wagner, Russell Wurst and Ron Dirkes followed Conaway across the finish line.

In the 5-lap Rookie race, Matt Budd took the lead on lap 3 and claimed his second race of the year over Troy Burger and Frank Raio.

Bridgeport Speedway Results – Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big Block Modifieds

Heat 1 – Bob Sarkisian, Chad James, Matt Harrell, Ron Roberts, Rusty Smith, Chic Cossaboone
Heat 2 – Jimmy Chester, Ryan Watt, Jesse Hill, Brett Ballard, Butch Tittle, John Scarpati
Heat 3 – Richie Pratt, Jr., Wade Hendrickson, Mike Franz, Brian Kressley, Scott Irwin, Tommy Scheetz, Jr.


RYAN WATT, Jimmy Chester, Brian Kressley, Butch Tittle, Chad James, Chic Cossaboone, Mike Franz, Bob Sarkisian, Ron Roberts, Richie Pratt, Jr., Rusty Smith, Scott Irwin, Jesse Hill, Rich Acolia, Wade Hendrickson, Matt Harrell, John Scarpati, Jr., Rob Nixon, Bobby Firth, Tommy Scheetz, Jr., Brett Ballard, Jason Duppel, Dave Howard, Tom Miller

Crate Modifieds

Heat 1 – Chuck Hopkins, Jack Simmermon, David Bell, Mike Cogdill, Larry Lippincott, Travis Hill
Heat 2 – Brett Kressley, Ron Roberts, Neal Williams, Frank Dorry, Jr., Dan Cogdill, Jimmy Anderson


LARRY LIPPINCOTT, Jimmy Anderson, Brett Kressley, Mike Cogdill, Frank Dorry, Jr., Dan Cogdill, Travis Hill, Neal Williams, Ron Roberts, Eric Kormann, John Cavallaro, Matt Budd, Gino Postorivo, Bob Bracall, Jack Simmermon, David Bell, Troy Burger, Chuck Hopkins, Jeff Hartman, Brett Hoffman, Sean Gunther


PAT CONAWAY, Jeremy Doerr, Karl Wagner, Russell Wurst, Ron Dirkes, Jay Chaikin, Pete Ellis, Andy Whittaker, Jeff Dirkes


MATT BUDD, Troy Burger, Frank Raio

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