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Sunday July 04, 2010
BRIDGEPORT, NJ (July 4, 2010) - On Mr. Crate Modified Night at
Bridgeport Speedway, Eric Kormann was the victor in the race. In the
358 Sportsman feature, Craig Whitmoyer was the winner with Jeff Geiges
collecting the checkered flag in the Tri-State RaceSaver Series Sprint
Car event. Pat Conaway was victorious in the Proformance Cuts Outlaw
Stock Car race.

In the 20-lap Mr. Crate Modified contest, Sewell’s Matt Budd jumped
out to the early lead with Mike Cogdill, John Cavallaro and Larry
Lippincott in tow. With five laps in the books and Budd having a
comfortable advantage, Troy Burger and Keith Earhart tangled in turn
four to bring out the first caution flag. When green flag racing got
back underway, Budd and Cogdill battled side by side for a full
circuit for the top spot until Budd cleared Cogdill to keep the lead
with Eric Kormann climbing up into third place. On lap 8, Kormann
passed Cogdill for second place and began to set his sights on Budd.
As the event entered the final ten tours, Kormann was slowly creeping
upon Budd. On lap 15, the top two began to encounter lap traffic and
Kormann was able to slip by Budd for the lead. Just after Kormann
became the new leader, the yellow lights flickered on lap 16 as the
third place running Cogdill spun in turn two. Kormann outdragged his
competitors on the restart but only two more laps of racing occurred
as Jimmy Anderson and Troy Burger caused the final caution period of
the event. Kormann survived the remaining two laps of green flag
racing to claim his first win of the year and his eighteenth career
checkered flag at Bridgeport Speedway. Budd, a rookie driver this
year, finished in second place with Brett Kressley garnering third
place. Veterans Larry Lippincott and Ron Roberts completed the top
five. John Cavallaro, Kormann and Lippincott were the heat race
winners in the Crate Modified division.

In the non-stop 358 Sportsman feature, Craig Whitmoyer captured his
first career Bridgeport Speedway victory in thrilling fashion. Dave
Dissinger led the opening eleven tours of the 20-lap race until
Whitmoyer dove under Dissinger for the lead. On the final turn as the
checkered flag was about to wave, Whitmoyer slipped up the racetrack
and allowed Randy Yaple to gain ground on the inside lane. Whitmoyer
outran Yaple to the finish line by the nose of the car for the win.
Behind the top two of Whitmoyer and Yaple, Sean Gunther was third
followed by Mike Lyons and Dissinger. The 358 Sportsman qualifying
race was won by Marc Herman.

Jeff Geiges took over the lead from Jeff Fithian on lap 5 and scored
the win in the 20-lap Tri-State RaceSaver Series Sprint Car event.
Geiges was able to hold off veteran John Wyers in the final two laps
to gain the victory. Following Geiges and Wyers, Bill Case, Jr. took
third place with Stef Palmai taking fourth and Bruce Kindberg gaining
fifth. Wyers and Case, Jr. were the qualifying race winners.

In the Proformance Cuts Outlaw Stock Car feature, Pat Conaway led the
final nineteen tours of the 20-lap race to gain his fifth win of the
year. Jeremy Doerr placed second with PJ Oliver snaring the third
position. Nick Gargiulo and Ken Watson, Sr. filled out the top five.
Conaway, the Ciconte’s Pizza driver of the night, and Doerr were the
victors in the heat races.

Bridgeport Speedway Results – Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crate Modifieds

Heat 1 – John Cavallaro, Mike Cogdill, Ron Roberts, John Micek, Tom
Miller, Josh Roscoe
Heat 2 – Eric Kormann, Travis Hill, Brett Kressley, Ryan Anderson,
Jimmy Anderson, Billy Martino
Heat 3 – Larry Lippincott, Matt Budd, Neal Williams, Doug Urbano, Joey
Borror, Frank Dorry, Jr.


ERIC KORMANN, Matt Budd, Brett Kressley, Larry Lippincott, Ron
Roberts, Tom Miller, Travis Hill, Neal Williams, John Cavallaro, Frank
Dorry, Jr., Josh Roscoe, Kyle Newcomb, Mike Cogdill, Billy Martino,
John Micek, Jimmy Anderson, Doug Urbano, Troy Burger, Joey Borror,
Ryan Anderson, Chuck Buchman, Keith Earhart

358 Sportsman

Heat 1 – Marc Herman, Mike Lyons, Randy Yaple, Sean Gunther, Craig
Whitmoyer, Dave Dissinger


CRAIG WHITMOYER, Randy Yaple, Sean Gunther, Mike Lyons, Dave
Dissinger, Mark Herman, John Cornell, III., Bill Lester, Nick Nicotra,
Doug Stepanchuk, Eric Renninger

TSRS (Tri-State Racesaver Series) SPRINTS

Heat 1 – John Wyers, Stef Palmai, Jeff Fithian, Mike Piersig, Bruce
Kindberg, Dan Biggs
Heat 2 – Bill Case, Jr., Chuck Palmucci, Jeff Geiges, Doug Smith, Jeff
Davis, Jim Campbell, Jr.


JEFF GEIGES, John Wyers, Bill Case, Jr., Stef Palmai, Bruce Kindberg,
Bobby Sandt, Mike Piersig, Dean Schaeffer, Jeff Davis, Jim Campbell,
Jr., Chuck Palmucci, Doug Smith, Jeff Fithian, Dan Biggs, Sean
Campbell, Mark Sasso

Proformance Cuts Outlaw Stocks

Heat 1 – Pat Conaway, Nick Gargiulo, Ken Watson, Sr., Jimmy Hughes,
Herman Solderich, Pete Ellis
Heat 2 – Jeremy Doerr, PJ Oliver, Dean Woolford, Andy Whittaker, Bob
Hopely, Bob Dooley


PAT CONAWAY, Jeremy Doerr, PJ Oliver, Nick Gargiulo, Ken Watson, Sr.,
Dean Woolford, Bob Hopely, Rick Broschard, Bob Dooley, Andy Whittaker,
Jeff Dirkes, Steve Schemelia, Herman Solderich, Pete Ellis, Jimmy Hughes

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Fri 7/9 – Fast and Furious Fridays – Twin 15-Lap features for the
270cc Micro-Sprints + Racing World Magazine Series Race # 2
1/4 Mile –270cc Micro-Sprints (15L x 2), 600cc Micro-Sprints (20L) + 4
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7:00 p.m. Warm-Ups, 7:30 p.m. Qualifying

Sat–7/10 – Saturday Night Stars! – URC Sprints on Banner Night
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6:15 p.m. Warm-Ups, 7:00 p.m. Qualifying