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Monday September 13, 2010
BRIDGEPORT, NJ (September 12, 2010) - On Law Enforcement Night at
Bridgeport Speedway, Wade Hendrickson secured his ninth victory of the
year in the Big Block Modified class. Ryan Smith scored the win in the
ARDC Midget feature while Neal Williams snared the checkered flag in
the Crate Modified division.

In the 25-lap Big Block Modified feature, polesitter Bob Sarkisian led
the opening circuit with Ron Roberts, Brian Kressley, Wade Hendrickson
and Ryan Watt in pursuit. Quickly, Roberts began to apply heavy
pressure on Sarkisian and grabbed the lead on lap 2 with Hendrickson
following him to gain second. Watt took over third place on lap 3
when Sarkisian retired from the race. Hendrickson began to hunt down
Roberts and pulled up to the bumper of Roberts on lap 5. After
stalking Roberts for two laps, Hendrickson captured the top spot on
lap 7 when Roberts slid up the track in turn four and created an
opening for Hendrickson. With the lead, Hendrickson began to pull away
from his rivals and he began to encounter lap traffic as the race hit
the ten lap mark. On lap 11, the only caution of the event occurred
when Brett Ballard slowed in turn one. Under the yellow flag
condition, Ryan Watt was called back to the pits by his crew as smoke
was spewing from his exhaust. On the restart, Hendrickson maintained
his edge and Kressley drove past Roberts for second place. Chad James
was on the charge and he motored by Roberts on lap 13 to gain third
place. With ten laps to go, Hendrickson had a huge lead as Kressley
was fending off James. By lap 20, Hendrickson’s lead was more than a
full straightaway. In the final two laps, Hendrickson dodged through
heavy lap traffic to score his ninth win of the season. Kressley
finished in second with James taking third place. Roberts wound up in
fourth and Jimmy Chester completed the event in fifth. Hendrickson,
Roberts and Sarkisian were the Big Block Modified heat race victors.

In the 20-lap wingless contest for the ARDC Midgets on the quarter
mile track, Ryan Smith was the winner in the caution-plagued race.
Nick Wean set the pace for the first thirteen tours of the contest.
Smith, who started the race in thirteenth, seized the lead on lap 14
from Wean following a restart. Following Smith and Wean, PJ Gargiulo
was third with Eric Heydenreich finishing fourth and Donnie Trent
taking home a fifth place run. The ARDC Midget heat race winners were
Tim Buckwalter, Wean and Alex Bright.

Neal Williams raced to his fourth victory of the year in the 20-lap
race for the Crate Modifieds. In the non-stop feature, Matt Budd took
the lead at the start and began to set a very fast pace. By the tenth
circuit, Budd began to lose his advantage in lap traffic as Williams
and Larry Lippincott, second and third place runners respectively,
were narrowing the gap. On lap 13, Williams became the new leader with
Lippincott gaining second. In the final few tours, Williams held off
Lippincott in heavy lap traffic to score a narrow win. Budd, Ron
Roberts and Brett Kressley completed the top five behind Williams and
Roberts. Williams and Lippincott each won a qualifying event in the
Crate Modified division.

Bridgeport Speedway Results – Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big Block Modifieds

Heat 1 – Wade Hendrickson, Chic Cossaboone, Brian Kressley, Tommy
Beamer, Mike Franz, Sean Gunther
Heat 2 – Ron Roberts, Ryan Watt, Jack Hartnett, Stan Frankenfield,
Jr., Jesse Hill, Dave Howard
Heat 3 – Bob Sarkisian, Chad James, Jimmy Chester, Richie Pratt, Jr.,
Scott Irwin, Brett Ballard


WADE HENDRICKSON, Brian Kressley, Chad James, Ron Roberts, Jimmy
Chester, Richie Pratt, Jr., Chic Cossaboone, Scott Irwin, Brett
Ballard, Mike Franz, Butch Tittle, Stan Frankenfield, Jr., Dave
Howard, Jesse Hill, John Scarpati, Jr., Sean Gunther, Jack Hartnett,
Ryan Watt, Tommy Beamer, Scott Kania, Bobby Firth, Ed Firth, Bob

DNS: Mike Iles

ARDC Midgets

Heat 1 – Tim Buckwalter, Dusty Hiestand, Steve Buckwalter, PJ
Gargiulo, Dave Shirk, Steve Bull
Heat 2 – Nick Wean, Steve Lang, Ryan Smith, Trevor Kobylarz, Ryan
Watt, Brett Arndt
Heat 3 – Alex Bright, Drew Hiestand, Eric Heydenreich, Donnie Trent,
Carey Becker, Chris Zrinski


RYAN SMITH, Nick Wean, PJ Gargiulo, Eric Heydenreich, Donnie Trent,
Brett Arndt, Jimmy Cammock, Shane Penny, Alex Bright, Steven Bull,
Kyle Lick, Scott Zipp, Shawn Jackson, Donnie Hoffman, Trevor Kobylarz,
Drew Hiestand, Steve Lenig, Steve Buckwalter, Tim Buckwalter, Dave
Shirk, Chris Zrinski, Dusty Hiestand, Bruce Buckwalter, Carey Becker,
Ryan Watt, Randy Reid

Crate Modifieds

Heat 1 – Neal Williams, Travis Hill, Frank Dorry, Jr., Chuck Hopkins,
Ron Roberts, Mike Cogdill
Heat 2 – Larry Lippincott, Matt Budd, Brett Kressley, Dan Cogdill,
John Cavallaro, Eric Kormann


NEAL WILLIAMS, Larry Lippincott, Matt Budd, Ron Roberts, Brett
Kressley, Travis Hill, Chuck Hopkins, Frank Dorry, Jr., John
Cavallaro, Dan Cogdill, Eric Kormann, Mike Cogdill, Dave Witte, Joe
Langshaw, Keith Earhart, Jarret Rozycki, Ron Barnstead, Bob Dmuchowski