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Monday October 11, 2010
Georgetown Speedway
Georgetown, DE 19947
DE Office: 302-875-4197
E-mail: [email protected]

GEORGETOWN, DE (October 11, 2010) - On AC Delco’s Super Sunday at
Georgetown Speedway, Billy Pauch, Sr. was victorious in the Big Block
Modified feature. In the Super Late Model contest, Ricky Elliott took
the checkered flag. Pat Wall won the Crate Modified race.

In the 25-lap Big Block Modified event, Matt Jester grabbed the early
lead with Brian Kressley, Ron Roberts and Keith Hoffman in tow. Only
one circuit was completed before the first caution flag was displayed
for HJ Bunting. On the ensuing restart, Jester maintained his lead but
Billy Pauch, Sr. soared to second place with Kressley, Roberts and
Hoffman following the top two. Racing action came to a stop on lap 3
when Matt Hawkins went off the track on the backstretch. When the
green flag waved again, Pauch Sr. blasted by Jester to take over the
lead with Hoffman climbing up to third. After another caution period
on lap 4 for Don Hallowell, the top two of Pauch, Sr. and Jester
stayed intact with Roberts getting by Hoffman for third. Pauch, Sr.
was beginning to inch away from the field when Brett Ballard spun in
turn two on lap 9. Green flag racing resumed for only one lap as
Ballard and Dutton collided in turn three. Again, Pauch, Sr. kept his
lead over Jester on the restart as Hoffman regained third from
Roberts. On lap 13, Jester was beginning to close in on the leader.
Two tours later, the yellow flag made another appearance as Jordan
Watson spun in turn three. The top three of Pauch, Sr., Jester,
Hoffman maintained their positions when racing resumed. The final
caution flag appeared on lap 16 as Hallowell’s car stopped in turn
four. On the restart, Pauch, Sr. survived a strong challenge by Jester
to keep his lead. As the laps clicked away, Pauch, Sr. had developed a
sizable advantage. With two circuits remaining, Pauch, Sr. began to
navigate through lap traffic. At the finish line, Pauch, Sr. had a
comfortable advantage as he collected $3000 for his efforts. Jester
completed the race in second place with Hoffman finishing in third.
Jimmy Chester and Kressley completed the top five. Kressley, Chester
and Jester were winners in the Big Block Modified heat races.

At the start of the 25-lap Super Late Model feature, DJ Troutman
jumped out to the front with Darryl Hills providing an early strong
challenge for the lead. Just as one lap was completed, the left rear
tire blew on Hills and the yellow lights were turned on. On the
restart, Troutman kept his lead with Ricky Elliott taking over second
place and David Hill driving into third. On lap 3, Kenny Pettyjohn
passed Hill for third. With the top three in tight quarters, Elliott
was able to capture the lead on lap 5 with Kenny Pettyjohn escalating
into second one circuit later. After back to back caution periods on
lap 6, the third place running Troutman retired from the race and Dan
Stone graduated to the position. When action got back underway, Kenny
Pettyjohn and Stone remained within striking distance of Elliott and
Stone eventually took over the runner-up spot on lap 9. Just as
Elliott and Stone were breaking away from their rivals, a mechanical
issue caused Stone to drop from the race on lap 13 and Kenny Pettyjohn
recaptured second. Elliott had a very large lead when the final yellow
flag appeared on lap 20 as Kyle Lear’s ride came to a stop on the
backstretch. When the green flag waved and only five laps remaining,
Elliott had to fight hard to keep his lead as Kenny Pettyjohn was on
the prowl. Elliott held on to capture the $3000 payday with a two car
length win over Kenny Pettyjohn. Third place went to Mark Pettyjohn.
Hills and Chris Shuey rounded out the top five. Kenny Pettyjohn, Mark
Pettyjohn and Kevin Scott, Jr. each won a Super Late Model qualifying

After leading the majority of the race, Pat Wall regained the lead on
lap 17 and went on to score the win in the 20-lap Crate Modified
feature. Kyle Fuller led the opening lap and Wall took over the top
spot on the next tour. Wall had several large leads during the event
only to lose them due to caution flags. After a caution on lap 14,
Wall lost the lead to Ryan Anderson. Following a caution on lap 16,
Wall worked his way back around Anderson as he earned his first career
Georgetown Speedway win. Dan Cogdill wound up in second place and Matt
Budd finished in third. Mike Cogdill and Shawn Ward filled out the top
five. Crate Modified heats were won by Budd and Ward.

Georgetown Speedway Results – Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Block Modifieds

Heat 1 – Brian Kressley, Jordan Watson, Mike Franz, Scott Van Gorder,
Rusty Smith, CJ Faison
Heat 2 – Jimmy Chester, Joseph Watson, Keith Hoffman, Scott Irwin,
Sean Gunther, Don Hallowell
Heat 3 – Matt Jester, Billy Pauch, Sr., Dave Howard, Ron Roberts,
Robert Dutton, Butch Tittle


BILLY PAUCH, SR., Matt Jester, Keith Hoffman, Jimmy Chester, Brian
Kressley, Ron Roberts, Chad James, CJ Faison, Rusty Smith, Butch
Tittle, Mike Franz, Dave Howard, Jordan Watson, Neil Huber, Scott Van
Gorder, Matt Hawkins, Don Hallowell, Joseph Watson, Scott Irwin, Sean
Gunther, Brett Ballard, Duane Rust, Robert Dutton, Ed Firth, HJ Bunting

DNQ: Richie Pratt, Jr. Bryant Brown

Super Late Models

Heat 1 – Kenny Pettyjohn, Kerry King, Ricky Elliott, Darryl Hills, Rob
Schirmer, Kyle Lear
Heat 2 – Mark Pettyjohn, David Hill, Lou Johnson, Dan Stone, Wes
Bonebrake, Alan Sagi
Heat 3 – Kevin Scott, Jr., DJ Troutman, Herb Tunis, Donald Lingo, Mark
Byram, Chris Shuey


RICKY ELLIOTT, Kenny Pettyjohn, Mark Pettyjohn, Darryl Hills, Chris
Shuey, Rob Schirmer, Lou Johnson, Kyle Lear, Derek Hill, Dan Stone,
Steve Davis, Mike Wharton, DJ Troutman, Mark Byram, Donald Lingo,
Kerry King, Kevin Scott, Jr., Kelly Putz, Alan Sagi, David Hill, David
Pettyjohn, Wes Bonebrake, Herb Tunis

Crate Modifieds

Heat 1 – Matt Budd, Ryan Anderson, Travis Hill, Joe Dill, Kyle Fuller,
Brad Roberts
Heat 2 – Shawn Ward, Brett Ballard, Dan Cogdill, Pat Wall, Scott
Hitchens, Mike Cogdill


PAT WALL, Dan Cogdill, Matt Budd, Mike Cogdill, Shawn Ward, Kyle
Fuller, Keith Dolan, Brad Roberts, Ryan Anderson, Jim Atkinson, Ted
Reynolds. Kyle Borror, Joe Dill, Josh Roscoe, Jeff Marker, Travis
Hill, Brett Ballard, Brandon Blades

DQ: Scott Hitchens