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Saturday May 07, 2011
BRIDGEPORT, NJ (May 7, 2011) – At Bridgeport Speedway on the quarter mile track, Jim Tippin topped the field to take the 600cc Micro-Sprint feature. In the 270cc Micro-Sprint division, Ryan Stillwagon was the victor in the main event. Warren Stradley captured the checkered flag in the 4-Cylinder Stock Car feature.

At the start of the 20-lap 600cc Micro-Sprint feature, polesitter Jim Tippin scampered out to the front and was followed by Richie Keller, Steven Bracall and Carl Locuson. Just after Carl Locuson motored past Bracall to pick up third, the red flag came out on lap 2 as Marty Shurr rolled in turn three after losing a wheel. Tippin began to pull away on the post red flag restart with Keller, Carl Locuson, Rick Stief and Bracall in tow. On the eighth tour, Bracall’s ride began to slow and the caution flag was displayed to the competitors. When the green flag was shown, Tippin was able to keep his advantage over Keller. As the race entered the second half, Keller began to reel in Tippin. On lap 12 with Tippin in the low groove, Keller went high in turn one but could not gain the lead. With five laps to go, Keller went back to the high side but Tippin still managed to keep the top spot. Keller remained on Tippin’s bumper when the white flag was shown with the leaders entering lap traffic. Tippin successfully migrated through the lap traffic to secure his second career win at Bridgeport Speedway. With Keller coming home in second, Carl Locuson finished in third. Stief and Ryan Stillwagon completed the top five. Keller, Carl Locuson and Tippin each won a 600cc Micro-Sprint heat race.

After taking over the top spot on lap 10, Justin Stillwagon survived a late race challenge to rack up his third win of the year in the 20-lap 270cc Micro-Sprint main event. Richie Keller set the pace for the first nine circuits before Stillwagon ascended to the lead. Charlie Lamanna moved by Keller for second place on lap 12. Lamanna inched closer to Stillwagon in the final laps but Stillwagon held on for the victory by three car lengths over Lamanna. Third place was taken by Keller. John Blanda won a side by side tussle with Dave Nelson on the final lap to finish in fourth. Keller was the victor in the 270cc Micro-Sprint qualifying race.

In the 15-lap 4-Cylinder Stock Car feature, Warren Stradley took the lead on lap 2 from Kate Raively as he chalked up his third win of the year. Bob Hartman, the winner of the heat race, finished in second place. With Raively claiming third, Art Knapp was fourth and rookie Cheri LaClaire was fifth.

Bridgeport Speedway provides a safe and secure family atmosphere, free parking, giveaways and fan participation games. Billed ‘The Fastest Dirt Track in the East’, Bridgeport Speedway is a banked 5/8th
mile dirt oval, featuring a dirt 1/4 mile oval embedded in the center, and is located in Southern New Jersey -- just minutes from Pennsylvania and Delaware at exit 14 off of I-295.


600cc Micro-Sprints

Heat 1 - 1. Richie Keller 2. Ryan Stillwagon 3. Jeff Hartman 4. Lee Nardelli 5. Jay Hartman 6. Chris Locuson
Heat 2 - 1. Carl Locuson 2. Andrew Locuson 3. Bryant Davis 4. Sam Locuson 5. Eddie Wagner 6. Joe Kay
Heat 3 - 1. Jim Tippin 2. Bob DeVault 3. Steven Bracall 4. Rick Stief 5. Dave Graziano 6. Jermain Godshall


1. JIM TIPPIN 2. Richie Keller 3. Carl Locuson 4. Rick Stief 5. Ryan Stillwagon 6. Andrew Locuson 7. Lee Nardelli 8. Bob DeVault 9. Chris Locuson 10. Jeff Hartman 11. Bryant Davis 12. Sam Locuson 13. Jay Hartman 14. Dave Graziano 15. Stephen Kemery 16. Bill Thomas 17. Jermain Godshall 18. Joe Kay 19. Mark Landwher 20. Eric Brobst 21. Steven Bracall 22. Marty Shurr 23. Eddie Wagner

DNS: Jim Garrison, Bernie Korbel

270cc Micro-Sprints

Heat 1 - 1. Richie Keller 2. Justin Stillwagon 3. Dave Nelson 4. Jonathan John 5. John Blanda 6. Charlie Lamanna


1. JUSTIN STILLWAGON 2. Charlie Lamanna 3. Richie Keller 4. John Blanda 5. Dave Nelson 6. Jonathan John

4 - Cylinder Stock Cars

Heat 1 - 1. Bob Hartman 2. Warren Stradley 3. Kate Raively 4. Art Knapp 5. Cheri LaClaire


1. WARREN STRADLEY 2. Bob Hartman 3. Kate Raively 4. Art Knapp 5. Cheri LaClaire