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Sunday May 08, 2011
BRIDGEPORT, NJ (May 8, 2011) – On Mom’s Night at Bridgeport Speedway, Dave Witte wound up in victory lane after winning the Bridgeport Modified feature. In the Proformance Cuts Outlaw Stock Car race, Nick Gargiulo was the victor. Rocco Infante won the 358 Sportsman event while Dan Cogdill, Jr. captured the Rookie race.

In the 25-lap Bridgeport Modified feature, Dave Witte grabbed the lead at the start of the race with Matt Budd, Jack Hartnett, Neal Williams and Brett Kressley in the chase. With Witte edging away on lap 3, Kressley slipped by Williams to gain fourth. Witte’s solid lead evaporated on lap 6 when Jordan Watson’s spin brought out the first caution flag. When action resumed after an aborted restart, Witte was still the man to catch and was now followed by Kressley, Ryan Watt and Williams. Quickly, the top three of Witte, Kressley and Watt broke away from the field on lap 8. Four circuits later, Williams and Travis Hill joined them to create a five-car lead pack. On lap 15, Kressley and Watt tangled in the second corner after battling hard for the runner-up spot. Witte kept his top running position when racing got back underway with Williams and Travis Hill tussling for the runner-up spot. Travis Hill escalated to second on the eighteenth circuit with his older brother, Jesse Hill, gaining third. Also on lap 18, Watt’s ride stopped in turn two and flagger Kenny Golden waved the caution flag. Once again, Witte maintained his spot when green flag racing returned with Travis Hill and Jesse Hill trying to hold to off Williams. Williams got by Jesse Hill on lap 20 to motor into third. Back at the top, Witte’s lead was being threatened as Travis Hill became glued to his bumper with three tours remaining. The veteran Witte remained steady in the final stages to collect his first win of the year. For Witte, the visit to victory lane was his first since August, 8, 1989. With Travis Hill taking second, Williams was third followed by Jesse Hill and Chuck Buchman. Heat races in the Bridgeport Modified class were won by Watson, Kressley and Watt. Dan Cogdill, Sr. won the consolation race.

Nick Gargiulo held off a hard charging Jeremy Doerr to win his second 15-lap Proformance Cuts Outlaw Stock Car race of the year. Doerr set the pace for the majority of the event until Gargiulo was able to take over on lap 13 while the top two were in lap traffic. Doerr reeled in Gargiulo during the final lap but was unable to regain the lead. Fast improving Jerry Ellingsworth wound up in third. Anthony DiBendetto completed the race in fourth and Russell Wurst was fifth.

In the 20-lap 358 Sportsman feature, Rocco Infante led the entire distance to snap up his third career win at Bridgeport Speedway. Craig Whitmoyer finished in second place with Dave Dissinger in third. Fourth went to Jack Hartnett and Mike Lyons took home fifth.

For the second week in a row, Dan Cogdill, Jr. was the winner of the Rookie race. Cogdill, Jr. led the final four laps after Brad Roberts led the first two of the 6-lap event.

Bridgeport Speedway provides a safe and secure family atmosphere, free parking, giveaways and fan participation games. Billed ‘The Fastest Dirt Track in the East’, Bridgeport Speedway is a banked 5/8th mile dirt oval, featuring a dirt 1/4 mile oval embedded in the center, and is located in Southern New Jersey -- just minutes from Pennsylvania and Delaware at exit 14 off of I-295.

NOTES: All moms in attendance were given a potted flower courtesy of Mr. Green Jean’s Nursery in Blue Anchor, NJ. The nursery is owned by former Bridgeport Speedway competitor Mark Forte.


Bridgeport Modifieds

Heat 1 - 1. Jordan Watson 2. Chad James 3. Neal Williams 4. Jesse Hill 5. Chuck Buchman 6. Frank Dorry, Jr.
Heat 2 - 1. Brett Kressley 2. Corey Anderson 3. Dave Witte 4. Matt Budd 5. Steve Durand 6. Brett Ballard
Heat 3 - 1. Ryan Watt 2. Travis Hill 3. Sean Gunther 4. Jack Hartnett 5. Jeff Duprez 6. Ryan Wozunk
Consolation - 1. Dan Cogdill, Sr. 2. Ron Roberts 3. Tom Miller 4. Don Cogdill, III 5. Ryan Anderson
6. Keith Dolan


1. DAVE WITTE 2. Travis Hill 3. Neal Williams 4. Jesse Hill 5. Chuck Buchman 6. Brett Ballard 7. Jordan Watson 8. Sean Gunther 9. Jack Hartnett 10. Frank Dorry, Jr. 11. Matt Budd 12. Ron Roberts
13. Steve Durand 14. Ryan Anderson 15. Dan Cogdill, Sr. 16. Corey Anderson 17. Dan Cogdill, Jr. 18. Brett Kressley 19. Jeff Duprez 20. Ryan Wozunk 21. Don Cogdill, III 22. Ryan Watt 23. Tom Miller 24. Chad James

DNS: Keith Dolan
DNQ: Dan Cogdill, Jr., Bradley Roberts, Keith Weber, Troy Gibson


1. ROCCO INFANTE 2. Craig Whitmoyer 3. Dave Dissinger 4. Jack Hartnett 5. Mike Lyons 6. Marc Herman 7. Ryan Simmons 8. Randy Yaple

DNS: Bill Liedtka


1. NICK GARGIULO 2. Jeremy Doerr 3. Jerry Ellingsworth 4. Anthony DiBenedetto 5. Russell Wurst 6. Ron Dirkes 7. Josh Denny 8. Mike Paparella 9. Terry Griffin 10. Jeff Dirkes 11. Joe Meron 12. Pat Conaway


1. DAN COGDILL, JR. 2. Bradley Roberts 3. Keith Dolan 4. Ryan Wozunk 5. Don Cogdill, III