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Sunday July 17, 2011
BRIDGEPORT, NJ (July 17, 2011) – On Bike Nike at Bridgeport Speedway, Dave Witte rode back into victory lane after capturing the Bridgeport Modified feature. Jeff Schall won the TSRS Sprint Car main event while Pat Conway took the checkered flag in the Proformance Cuts Outlaw Stock Car race.

After the original start of the 25-lap Bridgeport Modified feature was scrubbed by a spin in the first turn, Tom Miller jumped out to the lead over Dave Witte, Dan Cogdill, Jr., Brett Kressley and Steve Durand. Witte began to track down Miller and took over the top spot on lap 3. While Witte was increasing his advantage, Kressley was motoring into third place on lap 4 with Ryan Watt advancing into fourth after starting the event in twelfth. Witte’s lead was half the length of the frontstretch when the yellow flag flew on the seventh circuit for a flat on Ryan Wozunk’s car. As action got back underway, Watt flew by Miller and Kressely to gain the runner-up spot. With ten laps in the books, the top two of Witte and Watt began to move away from the pack and Watt became glued onto Witte’s bumper on lap 12. On the next circuit, Watt used the outside lane and exited the second corner with the lead. Quickly, Watt began to pull away from the field and had a comfortable margin over the field with only ten laps remaining. Watt’s secure lead evaporated on a lap 18 caution for a slowing Chuck Buchman. Using the outside pole on the ensuing restart, Watt’s car abruptly slowed down on the backstretch due to a fuel pump problem and Witte reassumed the lead over Kressley and Cogdill, Jr. Once in front, Witte went unchallenged in the final laps as he collected his second victory of the year. The runner-up spot was claimed by Kressley with Cogdill, Jr. taking home a season best third place finish. Ron Roberts wound up in fourth after starting sixteenth and Jordan Watson completed the race in fifth. The Bridgeport Modified heat winners were Travis Hill, Chuck Buchman and Jordan Watson.

In the entertaining 20-lap TSRS Sprint Car main event, Jeff Schall topped the field to snare his first win in the series. Schall grabbed the lead on the nineteenth circuit of the big clay oval after a side by side battle with Chuck Palmucci. After leading the opening eighteen laps, Palmucci finished in second place. Kyle Reinhart, Bob DeVault and Jimmy Carpenter rounded out the top five. Chris Allen, Jr. and Bruce Kindberg were victors in the TSRS Sprint Car qualifying events.

Pat Conaway won his sixth Proformance Cuts Outlaw Stock Car race of the year in thrilling fashion. Conaway took over the lead from Jeremy Doerr on the seventh circuit of the 15-lap feature. Conaway and Doerr remained in tight quarters throughout the final half of the race. On lap 14, Conaway’s car jumped out of gear and he nearly lost the lead to Doerr. Back under full power, Conaway was able to hold off Doerr at the finish line by only a tenth of a second. Third place went to Terry Griffin with Ralph Gargiulo in fourth and Richie Burns, Jr taking fifth.

Bridgeport Speedway provides a safe and secure family atmosphere, free parking, giveaways and fan participation games. Billed ‘The Fastest Dirt Track in the East’, Bridgeport Speedway is a banked 5/8th mile dirt oval, featuring a dirt 1/4 mile oval embedded in the center, and is located in Southern New Jersey -- just minutes from Pennsylvania and Delaware at exit 14 off of I-295.

NOTES: The Big Block Modifieds will be back at Bridgeport Speedway on Tuesday, July 19 for the Jam in Jersey event. Two 25-lap features including the postponed George Wingate finale plus the Bridgeport Modifieds will make up the schedule. Gates open at 5:30 p.m. with racing slated to start at 7:30 p.m. Adult grandstand admission is $20 with no charge for kids 12 and under.


Bridgeport Modifieds

Heat 1 - 1. Travis Hill 2. Steve Durand 3. Dan Cogdill, Jr. 4. Tom Miller 5. Neal Williams 6. Ron Roberts
Heat 2 - 1. Chuck Buchman 2. Dave Witte 3. Jesse Hill 4. Keith Weber 5. Dave Damiano 6. Ryan Anderson
Heat 3 - 1. Jordan Watson 2. Ryan Watt 3. Brett Kressley 4. Brett Ballard 5. Sean Gunther 6. Corey Andersen


1. DAVE WITTE 2. Brett Kressley 3. Dan Cogdill, Jr. 4. Ron Roberts 5. Jordan Watson 6. Jesse Hill 7. Sean Gunther 8. Neal Williams 9. Tom Miller 10. Brett Ballard 11. Travis Hill 12. Steve Durand 13. Ryan Watt 14. Ryan Anderson 15. Chad James 16. Keith Weber 17. Dave Damiano 18. Chuck Buchman 19. Dan Opdyke 20. Ryan Wozunk 21. Corey Andersen 22. Wes Camp

TSRS Sprints

Heat 1 - 1. Chris Allen, Jr. 2. Sean Campbell 3. Stef Palmai 4. Kyle Reinhart 5. Phil Meisner 6. Jimmy Carpenter
Heat 2 - 1. Bruce Kindberg 2. John Wyers 3. Bobby Sandt 4. Jeff Schall 5. Chuck Palmucci 6. Mike Esposito


1. JEFF SCHALL 2. Chuck Palmucci 3. Kyle Reinhart 4. Bob DeVault 5. Jimmy Carpenter 6. Bobby Sandt 7. Chris Allen, Jr. 8. Sean Campbell 9. Brian Carber 10. Stef Palmai 11. Mike Esposito 12. Bill Case, Jr. 13. Ed Newhouser 14. Pat U’Selis 15. Bruce Kindberg 16. John Wyers 17. Phil Mesiner 18. Bill Corsa 19. Bruce Bower


1. PAT CONAWAY 2. Jeremy Doerr 3. Terry Griffin 4. Ralph Gargiulo 5. Richie Burns, Jr. 6. Bob Hopely 7. Josh Denny 8. Anthony DiBenedetto 9. Mike Paprella 10. Steve Schemelia 11. Nick Gargiulo 12. Jeff Dirkes

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