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Monday October 10, 2011
GEORGETOWN, DE (October 10, 2011) – At Georgetown Speedway’s First State Fall Brawl, Brett Ballard won the Bridgeport Modified feature. Sean Campbell captured the TSRS main event. Mike Wharton was the victor in the Crate Late Model race. The Delmarva Charger contest was taken by Matt Long. Dwayne Heck claimed the Southern Delaware Vintage Stock Car race.

After the top two runners tangled on the final lap in turn three, Brett Ballard was able to win the Bridgeport Modified feature. Chad James grabbed the lead at the start of the 25-lap affair. Coming from the eighth starting spot, Jordan Watson was quickly on the move and took over second place with three laps completed. With five tours in the books, Watson was inching closer to James with Ryan Anderson in third and Travis Hill riding in fourth. At the halfway point, the top two of James and Watson were in lap traffic with Watson glued on the bumper of the leader. After a caution period for Dan Cogdill on lap 15, James and Watson continued their battle while Brett Ballard was motoring into third. With five circuits remaining, a side-by-side tussle between the first and second place runners was developing. The final yellow flag of the event waved with three laps remaining for Ricky DiEva. On the ensuing resumption of racing, James maintained his lead with Ballard briefly taking second place from Watson. Within moments of losing the runner-up spot, Watson worked his way back to second and set his eyes on James. On the last lap, James and Watson went into the final turns next to one another. A tangle ensued on the high side of the track and the charging Ballard stayed low to avoid the incident. With the checkered flag waving, Ballard crossed the finish line in first with Ron Roberts taking second. Anderson’s consistent run resulted in a third place finish. Matt Budd worked his way to fourth while Watson regained control of his car to take fifth. Bridgeport Modified heats were won by Jordan Watson and Travis Hill.

Sean Campbell led every step of the way to rack up his first career win in the TSRS Sprint Car main event. Campbell started on the pole and survived several challenges from Bob DeVault during the race. Bobby Sandt, Jr. came on late and finished in second. DeVault held off Bruce Kindberg to claim third. With Kindberg in fourth, Steve Wilson wound up in fifth.
Bobby Sandt, Jr. and Bruce Kindberg scored wins in the TSRS Sprint Car qualifying events.

After taking the lead on lap 5 from Robert Walls, Jr., Mike Wharton won the 20-lap Crate Late Model feature in easy fashion. The runner-up spot went to Derek Magee. Completing the top five were Mike Wilson, Paul Allison and Billy Carr.

In the 15-lap Charger race, Matt Long took over the lead on lap 2 and led the remainder of the race to grab the checkered flag. Long started the event from the seventh starting position. Ashley Merritt’s strong run was rewarded with a second place finish. Kyle Tubbs came from twenty-second to take third. Hunter Wharton and Warren Stradley filled out the top five.

Dwayne Heck led every step of the way to claim the Southern Delaware Vintage Stock Car race. Don Davidson, who wound up in fourth, was the top finishing Sportsman.

Georgetown Speedway Results – Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bridgeport Modifieds

Heat 1 - 1. Jordan Watson 2. Chad James 3. Ryan Anderson 4. Ron Roberts 5. Brett Ballard 6. Scott Hitchens
Heat 2 – 1. Travis Hill 2. Chris Hitchens 3. Matt Budd 4. Josh Roscoe 5. Keith Weber 6. Ricky DiEva


1. BRETT BALLARD 2. Ron Roberts 3. Ryan Anderson 4.Matt Budd 5. Jordan Watson 6. Chris Hitchens 7. Chad James 8. Keith Weber 9. Travis Hill 10. Josh Roscoe 11. Chad Clark 12. Dan Cogdill 14. Ricky DiEva 15. Scott Hitchens 16. Westley Smith 17. Duane Rust 18. Bradley Roberts

TSRS Sprint Cars

Heat 1 - 1. Bobby Sandt, Jr. 2. Torrey Rose 3. Daren Bolac 4. Bruce Bowen 5. Keith Anderson 6. Cody Jourdain
Heat 2 1. Bruce Kindberg 2. Bob DeVault 3. Sean Campbell 4. Billy Narfleet 5. Jeff Davis 6. Drew Hartman


1. SEAN CAMPBELL 2. Bobby Sandt, Jr. 3. Bob DeVault 4. Bruce Kindberg 5. Steve Wilson 6. Daren Bolac 7. Bruce Bowen 8. Billy Narfleet 9. Drew Hartman 10. Cody Jourdan 11. Jeff Davis 12. Torrey Rose 13. Keith Anderson


1. MIKE WHARTON 2. Derek Magee 3. Mike Wilson 4. Paul Allison 5. Billy Carr 6. Robert Walls, Jr.

DNS: Clay Tatman


1. MATT LONG 2. Ashley Merritt 3. Kyle Tubbs 4. Hunter Wharton 5. Warren Stradley 6. Cody Hudson 7. Butch Hudson 8. Mike Lewis 9. Ryan Riddle 10. Derek Swafford 11. Robbie Dunn 12. Joe Waters 13. Jacob Spencer 14. Tyler White 15. John Wingrove 16. Guy Mitchell 17. Woodchuck 18. Ethan Brasure 19. Jeff Carey 20. Perry Waters 21. Scott Dunn 22. Randy Merritt

DNS: Aubrey James


1. DWAYNE HECK 2. Oscar Fields 3. Dave Schamp 4. Carl Schirmer 5. Don Davidson 6. Todd Miller 7. Barry Adkins 8. Jim Laplant 9. CJ Schirmer 10. Richie Pratt, Sr. 11. Robbie Roe 12. Mitch Marton 13. Mike Parsons