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Sunday November 11, 2012
Swedesboro, NJ (November 11, 2012) - On day two of Wild Card Weekend at Bridgeport Speedway, Billy Pauch, Sr. took the checkered flag in the Big Block Modified Poker Series finale. Craig Whitmoyer topped the competition in the Open Sportsmen contest. The TSRS Sprint Car feature was won by Kyle Reinhardt.

After the original start of the 40-lap Big Block Modified feature was marred by a caution, Matt Harrell grabbed the lead with Billy Pauch, Sr. and Tad Cox in the hunt. After a side-by-side tussle for the top spot, Pauch, Sr. ascended to the front with three circuits recorded with Harrell in second and Ryan Godown driving into third. A slowing Dave Hunt brought out the second caution of the event on lap 6. When action got back underway, Pauch, Sr. remained in control with Godown slipping by Harrell for third. Green flag racing was stopped on the next tour for a multi-car tangle. On the ensuing restart, the top two remained in order with Richie Pratt, Jr. scooting by Harrell for third with nine revolutions completed. By lap 15, Pauch, Sr. had a half-straightaway lead as he was approaching the back end of the field. Three circuits later, the leader’s advantage had diminished in the midst of passing slower competitors. By lap 22, the top three were in tight quarters and Godown was on the outside lane trying to get past Pauch, Sr. On the twenty-fourth tour, Godown was on the top side again and Pratt, Jr. dipped beneath him in an attempt to gain the runner-up spot. Just as the battle for the lead was heating up again in heavy lap traffic, the yellow flag flew for Mike Barone on lap 26. The top three remained in order as the green lights illuminated the dirt oval. Following one caution period on lap 28 and several on lap 31, Pauch repelled the advances of Godown and Pratt, Jr. With the final nine circuits going green, Pauch, Sr. was able to hold onto his margin and collect the $5000 first place reward. Godown crossed the finish line in second with Pratt, Jr. coming home in third. Fourth place was taken by Duane Howard. JR Heffner, who was making his first appearance at Bridgeport Speedway, finished in fifth. Wade Hendrickson, JR Heffner, Richie Pratt, Jr. and Ryan Godown won the heat races for the Big Block Modifieds. The consolation races were taken by Sean Gunther and Craig Von Dohren.

Craig Whitmoyer took advantage of his front row starting position and paced the field for the entire distance to win the 30-lap race for the Open Sportsmen. Mike Cogdill drove a strong race to finish in the runner-up position. Jared Umbenhauer, who started the contest from eleventh place, staged a late race charge from the outside to come home in third. Steve Davis and Ryan Anderson completed the top five. Steve Davis, Craig Whitmoyer, and Gene Stravinsky were victors in the Open Sportsmen qualifying events. Joe Masiado took the checkered flag in the consolation race.

In the 20-lap TSRS Sprint Car main event, Kyle Reinhardt led wire-to-wire for the victory. Gary Palmer, the promoter at Accord Speedway, finished in second place. Dave Brown, Eddie Wagner, and Mike Haggenbottom rounded out the top five. The TSRS Sprint Car heat races were won by Kyle Reinhardt and Dave Brown.

Bridgeport Speedway provides a safe and secure family atmosphere, free parking, giveaways and fan participation games. Billed ‘The Fastest Dirt Track in the East’, Bridgeport Speedway is a banked 5/8th mile dirt oval, featuring a dirt 1/4 mile oval embedded in the center, and is located in Southern New Jersey -- just minutes from Pennsylvania and Delaware at exit 14 off of I-295.


Big Block Modifieds

Heat 1 - 1. Wade Hendrickson 2. Steve Durand 3. Tad Cox 4. Bob Sarkisian 5. Neil Huber
Heat 2 - 1. JR Heffner 2. Matt Harrell 3. Duane Howard 4. Dominic Buffalino 5. Mike Barone
Heat 3 - 1. Richie Pratt, Jr. 2. Billy Pauch, Sr. 3. Neal Williams 4. Bob Drayton 5. Tommy Scheetz
Heat 4 - 1. Ryan Godown 2. Eric Kormann 3. Rick Laubach 4. Scott Irwin 5. Jimmy Horton
Consolation 1 - 1. Sean Gunther 2. Dave Hunt 3. Rocco Infante
Consolation 2 - 1. Craig Von Dohren 2. Rusty Smith 3. Stan Frankenfield
Provisional - Ryan Watt


1. BILLY PAUCH, SR. 2. Ryan Godown 3. Richie Pratt, Jr. 4. Duane Howard 5. JR Heffner 6. Neal Williams 7. Eric Kormann 8. Dominic Buffalino 9. Rick Laubach 10. Matt Harrell 11. Rocco Infante 12. Stan Frankenfield 13. Ryan Watt 14. Steve Durand 15. Bob Drayton 16. Mike Barone 17. David Hunt 18. Neil Huber 19. Craig Von Dohren 20. Rusty Smith 21. Sean Gunther 22. Tad Cox 23. Wade Hendrickson 24. Tommy Scheetz, Jr. 25. Bob Sarkisian 26. Scott Irwin 27. Jimmy Horton

DNQ: Jon Haegele, Corey Andersen, Rob Nixon, Don Cogdill, III, Tom Maccherone, Tommy Scheetz, Sr., Eric Engstrom, Scott Van Gorder, Billy Briggs, Tommy Beamer, Scott Ambruster, Doug Manmiller, Ryan Watt, Tommy Farrell, Ron Roberts, Mike White, Andrew Krause, Mike Franz

Open Sportsmen

Heat 1 - 1. Steve Davis 2. Brad Roberts 3. Anthony Perrego 4. Mike Cogdill 5. Brett Ballard 6. Mike Hendershot
Heat 2 - 1. Craig Whitmoyer 2. Travis Hill 3. Kyle Borror 4. Ryan Anderson 5. Rich Rutski 6. Ryan Simmons
Heat 3 - 1. Gene Stravinsky 2. Mike Lyons 3. Matt Budd 4. Jared Umbenhauer 5. Dave Dissinger 6. Ricky DiEva
Consolation - 1. Joe Masiado 2. Joe Funk 3. Kyle Bostic 4. Scott Hulmes 5. Harry Landis 6. Steve Kassekert


1. CRAIG WHITMOYER 2. Mike Cogdill 3. Jared Umbenhauer 4. Steve Davis 5. Ryan Anderson 6. Travis Hill 7. Mike Lyons 8. Matt Budd 9. Anthony Perrego 10. Gene Stravinsky 11. Dave Dissinger 12. Rich Rutski 13. Mike Hendershot 14. Brett Ballard 15. Harry Landis 16. Joe Funk 17. Steve Kassekert 18. Kyle Bostic 19. Ryan Simmons 20. Scott Hulmes 21. Brad Roberts 22. Ricky DiEva 23. Joe Masiado 24. Kyle Borror

DNQ: Bill Liedtka, Mike DeMedio, Adam Cox, John Scarpati, George Gareis, Jr.

TSRS Sprint Cars

Heat 1 - 1. Kyle Reinhardt 2. Eddie Wagner 3. Sean Campbell 4.Ed Newhouser 5. Rick Stief 6. Steve Patterson
Heat 2 - 1. Dave Brown 2. Gary Palmer 3. Kyle Purks 4. Mike Haggenbottom 5. Bob DeVault 6. Stef Palmai


1. KYLE REINHARDT 2. Gary Palmer 3. Dave Brown 4. Eddie Wagner 5. Mike Haggenbottom 6. Bob DeVault 7. Sean Campbell 8. Rick Stief 9. Kyle Purks 10. George Loux 11. Torry Rose 12. Steve Patterson 13. Jeff Davis 14. Keith Anderson 15. Cody Jordan 16. Harris Kohen 17. Zoe Mattis 18. Ed Newhouser 19. Stef Palmai 20. Tim Tanner, Jr.

DNS: Mario Page, Dean Schaeffer