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Tuesday October 14, 2008
By Michael Wisniewski

BRIDGEPORT, NJ (October 12, 2008) - At the fourth annual Atlantic Coast
Championship, Craig Von Dohren went back home to Oley, PA as the big
winner of the weekend racing at Bridgeport Speedway. Von Dohren captured
wins in the Big Block and Small Block Modified features. In the 358
Sportsman race, Eric Kormann took the checkered flag. 2008 GM Sportsman
Champion, Travis Hill, won the GM Sportsman race. In the Crate Late
Model feature, Mike Williams came home in first place. Pat Conaway won
the Outlaw Stock feature and Jimmy Hughes seized the win in the
4-Cylinder Stock Car event.

Keith Hoffman led the first lap in the 50-Lap Big Block Modified feature
from his pole start but Wade Hendrickson quickly moved up from his third
starting spot to take the lead on lap two. A broken drive shaft caused
Chic Cossaboone to stop in turn three on lap four to bring out the
caution. When action resumed, Hoffman was able to slide by Hendrickson
to regain the top spot with Richie Pratt Jr., Jimmy Chester and Craig
Von Dohren in tow. Von Dohren climbed up to the third spot when the
yellow lights flickered as Jamie Mills had a flat left rear tire on lap
9. Pratt was able to get around Hoffman for the lead following the
restart. Right after Von Dohren passed Hoffman for second on lap 12,
Gary Hagerıs machine came to a stop in turn two. Von Dohren blasted by
Pratt for the lead on the ensuing resumption of action. Hoffmanıs day
came to end following a lap 13 restart tangle with Billy Pauch. Richie
Pratt Jr. dropped out of the race on lap 14 giving Chester and Pauch a
chance to track down Von Dohren. Fifteenth place starter Jason Hamilton
entered the mix as he drove up to fourth place on lap 17. Using the high
side, Von Dohren began to put a little distance between in himself and
Chester. As the race reached the halfway point, Von Dohrenıs lead had
narrowed and he began to enter lapped traffic on lap 27. Two laps later,
Chester was within two car lengths of the leader. The caution flag waved
on lap 32 when Ron Roberts spun just in front of Von Dohren and Chester.
Von Dohren maintained the lead on the restart. By lap 40, Chester was
again within two car lengths of Von Dohren. Mike Franzıs spin brought
out the final caution on lap 47. On the final restart, Von Dohren held
off Chester and took the checkered flag. After a strong performance
throughout the race, Chester finished in second place. Pauch came home
in third place with Hamilton taking fourth place. Fifth place went to
Wade Hendrickson. Pratt Jr., Von Dohren, Hendrickson and Steve Bottcher
won the Big Block Modified heat races. Mike Iles won the consolation
event. Von Dohren won the Racing Realtor Mad Cash for Dash race.

Craig Von Dohren took advantage of a front row starting spot and went to
the lead at the start of 30-lap Small Block Modified feature. Jason
Hamilton had just moved into the runner up spot past Marc Herman on lap
2 when Chic Cossabooneıs spin in turn one drew the eventıs first
caution. Von Dohren chose the outside lane on the restart and kept his
lead on the restart. Two laps later, Rocco Infante stopped in turn two.
Von Dohren again chose the outside lane and outdueled his competitors to
maintain the lead on the restart. Also, Mike Iles swept by Herman to
grab the third spot. Keith Hoffman was running in fourth place when
Richie Pratt Jr. and Mike Gular were both able to get by him on lap 8.
The top three cars of Von Dohren, Hamilton and Iles began to distance
themselves from the field when Iles pulled into the infield with a motor
issue on lap 18. The action came to a stop when Herman spun in turn
three on lap 23. On the single file restart, Von Dohren kept his lead
over Hamilton, Pratt, Gular and Hoffman. Jimmy Chesterıs ride developed
a flat tire on lap 29 setting up one final restart. Von Dohren outlasted
his competitors on the final restart and took home the $3500 top prize.
Running a very strong race, Hamilton took second place. Pratt Jr., Gular
and Hoffman completed the top five. The Small Block Modified heat race
winners were Cossaboone, Von Dohren, Gular and Iles. Jimmy Chester won
the Small Block Modified consolation race.

The 358 Sportsman race was marred by an opening lap accident which
eliminated nine cars from competition. Following the massive cleanup of
unfortunate carnage, Frank Dorry Jr. took the lead from his pole
starting spot and led the opening sixteen laps of the 30-Lap main event.
Eric Kormann moved in second spot on lap nine and took the lead from
Dorry on lap 17. Once in front, Kormann negotiated lapped traffic and
began to build a lead over the field. At the finish, Kormann beat Sean
Gunther by over three seconds to claim the victory. Jarrad Miller came
home in third place while Kevin Collins took fourth place. After losing
his power steering around lap 15, the fast improving Dorry Jr. held on
for fifth place. Gunther, Tom Solderich, Jarrad Miller and Ron Roberts
each had a 358 Sportsman heat race win. Tom Miller was the victor in the
358 Sportsman consolation race.

Travis Hill took the lead from Brandon Perdue on lap 3 and went on to
claim the checkered flag in the 25 lap main event for the GM Sportsman.
Mike Barone finished in second spot after passing Perdue on lap 5. Neal
Williams wound up in third spot while Tim Trimble grabbed the fourth
position. Twentieth place starter Pat Hires finished in fifth. The GM
Sportsman heat race winners were Barone, Perdue and Williams.

In the Crate Late Model race, Mike Wharton jumped out to the early lead
over Mike Williams. Williams took over the lead on a lap 2 following a
restart due to Joe Warrenıs spin and led the remaining laps for the
victory. Chris Hitchens crossed the finish line in second place. Ryan
Walls, Warren and Jody Cahall rounded out the top five.

Pat Conaway made his return to the Outlaw Stock division worthwhile.
Conaway took the lead from Rick Broschard on lap 6 and cruised to his
twenty sixth Outlaw Stock feature win at Bridgeport Speedway. PJ Oliver
came home in second place. The remaining top five went to Dean Wolford,
Joe Ecret and Broschard. Conaway and Broschard each won an Outlaw Stock
heat race.

Warren Stradley took the early lead in the 10-Lap feature for the
4-Cylinder Stock Cars. Jimmy Hughes drove past Stradley on lap 7 and
went on to claim the checkered flag. Stradley, Terry Sammons, Brian
Crisman and Dave Damiano filled in the top five. Also, Stradley and
Hughes won the heat races.

Bridgeport Speedway Results ­ Atlantic Coast Championship
Saturday, October 11, 2008 & Sunday October 12, 2008

Big Block Modifieds

Heat 1 ­ Richie Pratt Jr., Chic Cossaboone, Keith Hoffman, Tim Millman,
Doug Manmiller
Heat 2 ­ Craig Von Dohren, Jimmy Chester, Mike Franz, Jason Hamilton,
Mike Gular
Heat 3 ­ Wade Hendrickson, Chad James, Sam Westcott Jr., Howard OıNeal,
Brett Ballard
Heat 4 ­ Steve Bottcher, Jamie Mills, Billy Pauch, Tom Hager, Ron
Consolation ­ Mike Iles, Scott Irwin, Steve Durand, Gary Hager

Racing Realtor Mad Dash for Cash ­ Craig Von Dohren

DNQ: Brett Hoffman, Darwin Greene, Mike Mammana, Rick Wegner, Jason
Rivers, Mike Barone, Matt Harrell


CRAIG VON DOHREN, Jimmy Chester, Billy Pauch, Jason Hamilton, Wade
HendricksonChad James, Howard OıNeal, Doug Manmiller, Steve Durand,
Mike Iles, Mike Franz, Tim Millman, Gary Hager, Sam Westcott Jr., Scott
Steve Bottcher, Mike Gular, Ron Roberts, Brett Ballard, Jamie Mills, Richie
Pratt Jr., Keith Hoffman, Tom Hager, Chic Cossaboone

358 Small Block Modifieds

Heat 1 ­ Chic Cossaboone, Jason Hamilton, Chad James, Ron Roberts,
Mark Kratz
Heat 2 ­ Craig Von Dohren, Gary Hager, Richie Pratt Jr., Dan Cogdill,
Scott Davis Jr.
Heat 3 ­ Mike Gular, Keith Hoffman, Marc Herman, Carmine Infante,
Bobby Watkins
Heat 4 ­ Mike Iles, AJ DeSantis, Meme DeSantis, Jesse Hill, Kevin
Consolation ­ Jimmy Chester, Tom Hager, Rocco Infante, Sean Gunther

DNQ ­ Jim Britt, Billy Turner, Darwin Greene, Jason Rivers, Rick Wegner,
Bill Klinmeyer, Rob Wyant, Tom Miller, Tim Millman, John Cavallaro, Eric
Kormann, Bryant Brown, Billy Pauch, Wade Hendrickson, Mike Nicholas,
Mike Lyons


CRAIG VON DOHREN, Jason Hamilton, Richie Pratt Jr., Mike Gular, Keith
Hoffman, Chic Cossaboone, Chad James, Carmine Infante, Scott Davis Jr.,
Marc Herman, Jimmy Chester, Mark Kratz, Sean Gunther, Meme DeSantis,
Kevin Collins, Bobby Watkins, Mike Iles, Dan Cogdill, Jesse Hill, AJ
DeSantis, Billy Turner, Tom Hager, Ron Roberts, Rocco Infante, Gary

358 Sportsman

Heat 1 ­ Sean Gunther, Jesse Hill, Marc Herman, Kevin Collins, Steve
Heat 2 ­ Tom Solderich, Bill Klingmeyer, John Kelly, Mike Mammana,
Scott Davis Jr.
Heat 3 ­ Jarrad Miller, Jim Britt, Jack Swain, Tim Trimble, Rick
Heat 4 ­ Ron Roberts, Rob Wyant, Frank Dorry Jr., Don Bogey, Eric
Kormann, Jeff Geiges
Consolation ­ Tom Miller, Billy Briggs, Jeff Geiges, Kevin Vaclavicek

DNQ: Billy Turner, Travis Hill, Harry Landis, Tom Gibson, John Parker,
Forrest Peters, Andrew Weygand, Jason Duppel, Bob Bartleson, Dan
Cogdill, John Cavallaro, Mike Lyons


ERIC KORMANN, Sean Gunther, Jarrad Miller, Kevin Collins, Frank Dorry
Jr., Billy Briggs, Ron Roberts, Billy Turner, Marc Herman, Tim Trimble,
Kevin Vaclavicek, Don Bogey, John Kelly, Steve Kassekert, Rob Wyant, Jim
Britt, Tom Solderich, Jesse Hill, Bill Klingmeyer, Jack Swain, Mike
Mammana, Scott Davis Jr., Jeff Geiges, Tom Miller

DNS: Rick Beavers

GM Sportsman

Heat 1 ­ Mike Barone, Tim Trimble, Kyle Borror, Steve Davis, Eric
Engstrom, Jerry Carter
Heat 2 ­ Brandon Perdue, Mike White, Bob Bartleson, Erik Renninger, Tom
Moore Jr., Tom Gibson
Heat 3 ­ Neal Williams, Travis Hill, Jason Bittner, Doug Urbano, Scott
Cranston, John Bilofsky


TRAVIS HILL, Mike Barone, Neal Williams, Tim Trimble, Pat Hires, Mike
White, Tom Moore Jr., Kyle Borror, Jerry Carter, Jason Bittner, Doug
Urbano, Bob Burgess, Eric Engstrom, Eric Renninger, Scott Cranston,
Forest Peters, Steve Davis, Tom Gibson, John Bilofsky, Brandon Perdue

DNS: Bob Bartleson


MIKE WILLIAMS, Chris Hitchens, Ryan Walls, Joe Warren, Jody Cahall, JT
McLanigan, Chris McLanigan, Mike Wharton

DNQ: Erik McKinney

Outlaw Stocks

Heat 1 ­ Pat Conaway, PJ Oliver, Spider Ensinger, Bob Hopely, Joe
Ecret, Rick Latza,
Heat 2 ­ Rick Broschard, Tom Wills, Dean Wolford, Brian Ludwig, Pat


PAT CONAWAY, PJ Oliver, Dean Wolford, Joe Ecret, Rick Broschard, Tom
Wills, Jim Honeker, Bob Hopely, Rick Latza, Pat Hires, Brian Ludwig,
Spider Ensinger, Tom Gibson

4 Cylinder Stock Cars

Heat 1 ­ Warren Stradley, Dave Damiano, Brian Crisman, Joe Meron
Heat 2 ­ Jimmy Hughes, Terry Sammons, Joe Morgan, George Andress


JIMMY HUGHES, Warren Stradley, Terry Sammons, Brian Crisman, Dave
Damiano, Joe Robinson, Joe Morgan, George Andress, Joe Meron, Kate
Brown, Fred Martin