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Tuesday December 02, 2008
GEORGETOWN, DE (November 22, 2008) – Billy Pauch Sr.drove the famed #126
Big Block Modified of Glenn Hyneman to victory in the 30-lap Garden
State Dual Track Series finale at Georgetown Speedway. Rick Laubach from
Hellertown, PA claimed the Garden State Dual Track Series championship.
Jamie Lathroum took the checkered flag in the 30-lap Super Late Model
Feature. John Stangle claimed the Crate Modified feature while Jack
Mullins Jr. was the victor in the Crate Late Model feature. The Little
Lincoln main event was won by Mel Joseph Jr.

Jimmy Chester took the early lead of the 30-lap feature for the Big
Block Modifieds with Richie Pratt Jr., Billy Pauch Jr., Ryan Godown, and
Billy Pauch Sr. in early pursuit. Bryant Brown’s ride came to stop on
the backstretch on lap 3 bringing out the first caution. Chester kept
the lead on the restart with Chad James able to get by Godown and Pauch
Sr. for fourth place. Pratt Jr. was able to get by Chester for the lead
on lap 9. One lap later, Jim Britt stopped near the flag stand drawing a
yellow flag. When action resumed, Pauch Jr., Godown , Pauch Sr., and
James were able to slip by Chester. James developed a flat tire and
stopped on the backstretch on lap 13. On the restart, Pauch Sr. took
third spot from Godown on lap 14. On the next lap, Pauch Sr. shot pass
his son and Pratt Jr. to take the lead. Pauch Jr. followed his father
into second place. Pratt Jr. reassumed the runner-up spot six laps
later. Pauch Sr. was able to hold off Pratt Jr. the rest of the way to
collect the $3000 first place prize. Pratt Jr. came home in second
place. Godown, Pauch Jr. and Danny Johnson completed the top five. Rick
Laubach finished in sixth place and captured the Garden State Dual Track
Series championship for 2008. Laubach won five of the eight races in the
series. Pratt Jr., James, and Keith Hoffman won the heat races and Bill
Klingmeyer was the victor in the consolation event.

The initial start of the 30-lap Super Late Model feature was aborted as
Ricky Elliot developed a flat tire after brushing the wall along the
frontstretch. When flagger Gary Buzby waved the green flag again, Scott
Haus took the early lead. The caution flag was out on lap 2 when Steve
Axtell Jr. spun in turn four. When racing resumed, Mark Pettyjohn
grabbed the lead from Haus and John Callaway motored into second place.
A multi-car tangle on lap 3 slowed down the action and Pettyjohn held
off Callaway for the lead with Jamie Lathroum taking third spot from
Haus on the restart. On lap 6, Callaway took the lead from Pettyjohn and
Lathroum moved into second place. As the leader, Callaway began to
encounter lapped traffic starting on lap 10 until the caution waved on
lap 14 for Ross Robinson. Callaway chose the outside lane on the restart
and kept his lead briefly until Lathroum took the lead on lap 16. Also
on lap 16, the yellow lights flickered again for Axtell Jr. Lathroum
continurd to lead the race as Pettyjohn moved back into second place on
lap 18. Elliott continued his march to the front and took second place
from Pettyjohn on lap 21. With Elliott directly behind him, Lathroum
masterfully handled lapped traffic in the final three laps to gain his
first Georgetown Speedway victory. Coming back from two visits to pit
road, Elliott finished strongly in second place. Pettyjohn, Callaway and
fourteenth place starter Dan Stone filled out the top five. Super Late
Model heat races were won by Haus, Axtell Jr. and Elliott.

In the 20-lap Crate Modified race, John Stangle led wire-to-wire to take
home the $1000 check. Stangle started on the pole and fought off Jesse
Hill in the final laps for the victory. Hill, Adam Jarrell, Neal
Williams, and Mike White rounded out the top five finishers. Hill,
White, Stangle, and Neal Williams won the Crate Modified qualifying
events. Sean Gunther won the consolation race.

Polesitter Jack Mullins Jr. led all 20 laps to win the Crate Late Model
feature. Eleventh place starter Mike Williams came home in second place.
Sparky White finished in third place after starting in eighteenth place.
Herb Tunis and Chris Hitchens completed the top five.

Mel Joseph Jr. won the Little Lincoln Feature. Joseph and Jamie Wagner
swapped the lead seven times during the 15-lap main event. Wagner held
on for second place.

Georgetown Speedway Results – Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Block Modifieds

Heat 1 – Richie Pratt Jr., Ryan Godown, Billy Pauch Sr., Danny Johnson,
Chad Clark, Rick Laubach
Heat 2 – Chad James, Jimmy Chester, Glenn Reed, Jimmy Horton, Bryant
Brown, Jim Britt
Heat 3 – Keith Hoffman, Billy Pauch Jr., Robert Dutton, Ron Roberts,
Scott Van Gorder, Larry Lippincott
Consolation – Bill Klingmeyer, Mike Mammana, Dominic Buffalino, Jimmy
Horton IV, Jason Rivers, Harry Landis


BILLY PAUCH SR.., Richie Pratt Jr., Ryan Godown, Billy Pauch Jr., Danny
Johnson, Keith Hoffman, Chad James, Jimmy Chester, Rick Laubach, Jimmy
Horton IV, Ron Roberts, Jason Rivers, Robert Dutton, Dominic Buffalino,
Jimmy Horton, Scott Van Gorder, Chad Clark, Mike Mammana, Harry Landis,
Glenn Reed, Jim Britt, Larry Lippincott, Bryant Brown, Bill Klingmeyer

DNQ: Rick Wegner, Brett Ballard, Scott Irwin, Rick Holsten, Jamie Mills,
Ricky Johnson, Colby Steele, Dennis Piper

Super Late Models

Heat 1 – Scott Haus, Ross Robinson, Staci Warrington, David Pettyjohn,
Rob Schirmer, Rob Ormsbee
Heat 2 – Steve Axtell Jr., Mark Pettyjohn, Austin Hubbard, John
Callaway, Rick Whaley, Kevin Scott Jr.
Heat 3 – Ricky Elliott, Kenny Pettyjohn, Jamie Lathroum, Ray Davis Jr.,
Chuck Schutz, Norman Short


JAMIE LATHROUM, Ricky Elliott, Mark Pettyjohn, John Callaway, Dan Stone,
David Pettyjohn, Scott Haus, Ray Davis Jr., Chuck Schutz, Austin
Hubbard, Dave Hertz, Kevin Scott Jr., Ross Robinson, Kenny Pettyjohn,
Steve Axtell Jr., Rick Whaley, Staci Warrington, Dale Lingo, Rob
Ormsbee, Rob Schirmer, Norman Short, Bryan Driver

DNS: Al Cheney

Crate Modifieds

Heat 1 – Jesse Hill, Brad Trice, Tom Moore Jr., Mike Barone, Casey Lynch
Heat 2 – Mike White, Adam Jarrell, Brett Ballard, Frank Dorry, Bobby
Heat 3 – John Stangle, Josh Roscoe, Jerry Carter, Andy Hammond, Travis
Heat 4 – Neal Williams, John Curtis, Tom Solderich, Westley Smith, Frank
Consolation – Sean Gunther, John Kelly, Tim Trimble, Kyle Borror


JOHN STANGLE, Jesse Hill, Adam Jarrell, Neal Williams, Mike White, Brett
Ballard, Westley Smith, Tim Trimble, Frank Holmes, Tom Solderich, Casey
Lynch, Tom Moore Jr., Frank Dorry, John Kelly, Travis Hill, Jerry
Carter, Mike Barone, Andy Hammond, John Curtis, Sean Gunther, Bobby
Dmuchowski, Josh Roscoe, Brad Trice, Kyle Borror

DNQ: John Micek, Rich Coons, John Aumick, Sammy Piazza, Jason Bishop,
Guy Germano, Harvey Toomgy, Corey Anderson, Ted Reynolds, Doug Urbano,
Scott Baker, Bobby Watkins, Danny Smack, Eric Engstrom

Crate Late Models

Heat 1 – Herb Tunis, Brent James, Russell Dadds, Roy Hassler, Kelly
Putz, Mike Williams
Heat 2 – Jack Mullins Jr., Travis Justice, Chris Hitchens, Jody Cahall,
Mike Wilson, Eric McKinney


JACK MULLINS JR., Mike Williams, Sparky White, Herb Tunis, Chris
Hitchens, Mike Wilson, Jody Cahall, Chris McClanigan, Roy Hassler, Nick
Davis, Kelly Putz, Russell Dadds, Eric McKinney, Kevin Witcher, Jeff
Patilla, Randy Giver, Brent James, Travis Justice

DNS: Mike Wharton


MEL JOSEPH JR., Jamie Wagner, Bill Brittingham, Donald Robinson Jr.,
Mark Cashdan, Steven Baker, Chris Loveland, Albert Mitchell, Jeff
Wheatley, Emory West, Matt Johnson

DNS: John Bowers