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Monday July 13, 2009
BRIDGEPORT, NJ (July 12, 2009) - On 80’s Night at Bridgeport
Speedway, Rick Laubach from Hellertown, PA was the victor in the BPG
Racing/Hooter’s Restaurant Tri-Track Big Block Modified Challenge
Series event. The URC Sprint Car feature went to JJ Grasso. Larry
Lippincott won the 358 Sportsman race with Bob Burgess claiming the GM
Sportsman feature.

Steve Durand led the opening two circuits of the 30-lap BPG
Racing/Hooter’s Restaurant Tri-Track Big Block Modified Challenge
Series feature. Rick Laubach, who started in the fourth position,
powered past Durand on lap 3 to take the lead. Laubach began to use
multiple grooves on the speedway to extend his lead over Durand. Sixth
place starting Jimmy Horton scooted by Durand on lap 8 to take the
runner-up spot. Richie Pratt, Jr. entered the top five from his
fourteenth place start on lap 10. Durand dropped to fifth when Wade
Hendrickson slipped by him for third on lap 13 and Pratt, Jr. took
fourth from him on lap 14. With Laubach leading by a full
straightaway, a terrific multi-lap battle for second occured between
Horton, Hendrickson and Pratt, Jr. On lap 22, Pratt, Jr. was able to
pass both Horton and Hendrickson to gain the runner-up spot. As the
contest began to enter the final five laps, Laubach and his foes were
battling their way through heavy lapped traffic. On lap 28, a
multi-car tangle in turn one drew the red flag and eliminated the
second place running Pratt, Jr and the third place car of Henrickson.
With a single file restart and a clear speedway in front of him,
Laubach drew away in the final laps to win his second feature of the
year at Bridgeport. Horton wound up in second place with Durand
getting third. Fourth place was taken by Jimmy Chester with Billy
Pauch, Sr. getting fifth place. Chester, Laubach and Horton won the
Big Block Modified heat races. The consolation event was captured by
Scott Ambruster.

Becca Anderson took the lead at the start of the 25-Lap URC Sprint
Car feature. The red lights illuminated on lap 2 when Joe Zuczek’s
car became airborne along the frontstretch. When action resumed,
Anderson kept the lead with Robbie Stillwagon, Davey Sammons, Tim
Hogue and Andy Best in pursuit. Anderson was pulling away from the
field but JJ Grasso was working his way to the front from his eleventh
place start. By lap 13, Grasso had escalated up to fourth place. One
lap later, Sammons motored by Stillwagon for second place. Grasso,
continuing his assault towards the leader, grabbed third from
Stillwagon on lap 16. Grasso reeled in Sammons and took over second
place on lap 19. One lap later, the red flag came out again as Justin
Collett clipped the inside concrete wall in turn four causing his
machine to flip. Anderson barely missed the incident and kept her
front running advantage as the green flag waved again with Curt
Michael gaining two places to advance to third. Grasso pulled even
with Anderson on lap 22 and the top two contenders briefly brushed
together at the flagger’s stand. Going into turn two, Grasso muscled
his way to the lead. Once in front, Grasso cruised home for the win.
Anderson held on for second place over a fast closing Michael. Fourth
place was secured by Chris Coyle with Stillwagon taking fifth place.
The URC heat races went to Anderson, Stillwagon and Grasso. Randy West
won the B-Main event.

In the 20-lap 358 Sportsman event, Larry Lippincott took the lead on
lap 19 from Jarrad Miller and went on to seize his second career
feature event at Bridgeport Speedway. Miller led the opening eighteen
laps of the feature and held on for second place. John Cavallaro
finished in third place. Frank Dorry, Jr. and Brett Ballard completed
the top five. Chuck Hopkins, Miller and Jack Swain were victorious in
the 358 Sportsman heat races.

Bob Burgess took the lead from Eric Renninger on lap 2 and claimed
the checkered flag in the caution-free 20-lap feature for the GM
Sportsman. For Burgess, it was his second win in 2009. Neal Williams
crossed the finish line in second place with third place taken by Tom
Moore, Jr. Eric Kormann and Corey Anderson completed the top five.

On Saturday, July 18th, Banner Night is on tap as fans of all ages
are invited to create a banner of their favorite driver or division.
Prizes will be awarded to the winners. On the raceway, the Racing
World Magazine 358 Sportsman Bonus Series will resume. The Big Block
Modifieds, GM Sportsman and Rookie GM Sportsman will also be in
competition. The first green flag waves at 7:00 PM on July 18th
with Grandstand Gates opening at 5:00 PM.

Pack the Track night will occur on Friday, July 17th as adult
admission to the grandstand will only be $5. The 270cc Micro-Sprints
will have double duty again as they will have a wingless feature
sponsored by Sorrey Maintenance and Dan McMahon in addition to their
winged feature. The 600cc Micro-Sprints and the 4 Cylinder Stock Cars
complete the race card. The first race hits the speedway at 7:00 PM on
Friday July 17th with Gates opening at 5:00 PM. For additional
information, please visit or call 302-875-4196.

Bridgeport Speedway Results – Saturday, July 11, 2009

Big Block Modifieds

Heat 1 – Jimmy Chester, Chad James, Steve Durand, Billy Pauch, Sr.,
Chic Cossaboone, Brian Truppi
Heat 2 – Rick Laubach, Wade Hendrickson, Matt Harrell, Mike Barone,
Richie Pratt, Jr., Mike Franz
Heat 3 – Jimmy Horton, Ryan Watt, Steve Bottcher, Stan Frankenfield
Consolation – Scott Ambruster, Rich Acolia, Rusty Smith, Rick
Wegner, Jr., Ron Roberts, Bob Sarkisian, John Stangle, Steve Haggan
Provisional – Scott Irwin


RICK LAUBACH, Jimmy Horton, Steve Durand, Jimmy Chester, Billy Pauch,
Chad James, Steve Bottcher, Chic Cossaboone, Stan Frankenfield, Brian
Truppi, Ryan Watt, Matt Harrell, Scott Ambruster, Rusty Smith, Rich
Acolia, Scott Irwin, Steve Haggan, Ron Roberts, Mike Barone, Richie
Pratt, Jr., Wade Hendrickson, Mike Franz, Rick Wegner, Jr., John
Stangle, Bob Sarkisian

DNQ: Dominic Buffalino, John Salvatore, Jr., Bruce Gsell, Bobby
Firth, Jimmy Wyers,

Risolone United Racing Company (URC) Sprints

Heat 1 – Becca Anderson, Curt Michael, Mark Bitner, Scott Pursell,
Art Leidl, Nick Schlauch
Heat 2 – Robbie Stillwagon, Andy Best, Davey Sammons, Kyle Purks,
Jonathan Swanson, Ken Meisner
Heat 3 – JJ Grasso, Tim Hogue, Chris Coyle, Joe Zuczek, Justin
Collett, Brett Schoenly
B-Main – Randy West, Danny Massey, Eddie Wagner, Jonathan Baker,
Jim Walters, Mike Kostic


JJ GRASSO, Becca Anderson, Curt Michael, Chris Coyle, Robbie
Stillwagon, Davey Sammons, Nick Schlauch, Tim Hogue, Kyle Purks, Randy
West, Ken Meisner, Andy Best, Art Leidl, Jonathan Baker, Eddie Wagner,
Jimmy Walters, Brett Schonely, Mark Bitner, Justin Collett, Danny
Massey, Jonathan Swanson, Mike Kostic, Scott Pursell, Joe Zuczek

DNQ: Jimmy Reppert, Chris Weiss, Kramer Williamson

358 Sportsman

Heat 1 – Chuck Hopkins, Brett Ballard, Frank Dorry, Jr., Sean
Gunther, Steve Davis, Don Bogey
Heat 2 – Jarrad Miller, Travis Hill, Ron Roberts, Jesse Hill, Kevin
Collins, Andrew Weygand
Heat 3 – Jack Swain, Randy Yaple, Bob Lineman, Jr., John Cavallaro,
Larry Lippincott, Pat Wall


LARRY LIPPINCOTT, Jarrad Miller, John Cavallaro, Frank Dorry, Jr.,
Brett Ballard, Travis Hill, Chuck Hopkins, Bob Lineman, Jr., Jesse
Hill, Andrew Weygand, Steve Davis, Mark Herman, Nick Nicotra, Rob
Wyant, Sean Gunther, Pat Wall, Ron Roberts, Jack Swain, Dan Cogdill,
Kevin Collins, Jeff Hartman, Don Bogey, Randy Yaple

DNS: Bob Rambone


BOB BURGESS, Neal Williams, Tom Moore, Jr., Eric Kormann, Corey
Anderson, Kyle Borror, Mike Cogdill, David Bell, Jimmy Anderson, Billy
Martino, Bob Dmuchowski, Eric Renninger, Bob Bracall, George Ferguson,
John Bilofsky, Rich Jackson

Bridgeport Speedway
83 Floodgate Road
Bridgeport NJ 08014
DE Office: 302- 875-4196
NJ Office: 856-467-4408
24 hr. Info: 856-467-4407
Fax: 856-467-5843
E-mail: [email protected]


Fri 7/17 – Fast and Furious Fridays – Pack The Track Night - $5
Adult Grandstand admission plus 270cc Micro-Sprint Wingless race presented by Sorrey Maintenance and Dan McMahon

1/4 Mile –600cc Micro-Sprints (20L), 270cc Micro-Sprints (20L), & 4
Cylinder Stock Cars (20L) plus 270cc Micro-Sprint Wingless (20L)
6:30 PM Warm-Ups, 7:00 PM Qualifying

Sat 7/18 – Saturday Night Stars! – Banner Night – Fans of all
ages are invited to participate in our annual banner contest with
prizes awarded

Modified (25L), 358 Sportsman – Racing World Magazine 358 Sportsman
Bonus Race (20L), GM Sportsman (15L) and Rookie GM Sportsman
6:15 PM Warm-Ups, 7:00 PM Qualifying