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Bridgeport Speedway


Here is where you will find all the up-to-date point standings in all of Bridgeport Speedway’s regular divisions plus the Poker Series Standings.


The Saturday Night ‘Point Chart’

Designed as follows for regular shows: 1st-60, 2nd-56, 3rd-52, 4th-50, 5th-48, 6th-46, 7th-44, 8th-42, 9th-40, 10th-38, 11th-36, 12th-34, 13th-32, 14th-30, 15th-28, 16th-27, 17th-26, 18th-25, 19th-24, 20th-23, 21st-22, 22nd-21, 23rd on back 20.

The * represents a feature win during the season. Points are calculated from the months of April through September. The top 10 drivers in each division are then honored and acknowledged at the year-end banquet held every December. Most ‘Feature Events’ are based on a ‘handicapping system’ therefore, you will find more times than not, that the drivers in the higher positions in the point standings will be starting towards the back of the Feature Lineup which produces excellent and exciting side by side racing.


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Standings and points will be updated throughout the racing season…

 Car Point
11Billy Pauch, Sr.***334
284YAlex Yankowski302
351Richie Pratt, Jr.300
426Ryan Godown**298
56Matt Stangle231
631Tommy Beamer230
730Joseph Watson*229
80Neal Williams204
9Z14Ron Roberts193
104BClay Butler181
1128FStan Frankefield, Jr.152
11118Jim Britt152
1378Briggs Danner136
1418JRich Rutski135
1543Jimmy Horton132
165BBrett Ballard130
172Mike Frantz122
1881Billy Osmum109
1980DDavid Crossman102
2032Danny Bouc96
2176Rocco Infante94
213Billy Lasko94
23112Cale Ross82
2445jrRick Wegner, Jr.60
2414WRyan Watt60
2619Troy Ale54
27737Bobby Firth53
2811Scott Ambruster52
29414Roger Manning51
30127Frank Yankowski38
3176Jimmy Blewett36
322Dominick Buffalino32
3323XTim Buckwalter30
33B52Brandon Hightower30
3515Billy Pauch, Jr.28
36401Frank Cozze27
3712Trent Vanvorst26
3818John Parkenham24
3944BJim Bobbitt23
401JJordan Watson22
4142SJack Swain21
4155Kevin Sockriter21
4358jrBucky Kell20
4353Bob Lilick20
4517Marcus Dinkins10
4513P.J. Oliver10
4529Ryan Krachun10
4538Matt Hawkins10
4518Ron Myers10

 Car Point
169KSteve Kemery***370
259Tom Moore, Jr.*358
331Jim Gallagher, Jr.312
40Wayne Weaver284
59Joe Toth274
639Matt Peck266
726Ryan Godown, Jr.**265
8Z14Brad Roberts241
924HBilly Chester216
10X-ratedTom Errico, Jr.207
117KKris Lilick194
1221Pete Serra192
1327JChris Jenkins191
1414Brett Belmont176
15304Ricky Wegner, Jr.173
152Scott Hulmes172
1734HErick Mattson142
1820SAnthony Sisco134
19257Tom Sherby126
2045Brian Lilick114
21B4Tim Borror108
221James Hill106
23117Nolan Openshaw96
2416SEric Kormann92
2529MErnie Miles, III90
2699Jonathan Swift76
278Ryan Higgs73
2827Ryan Anderson70
2976Harry Houdini67
309AHoward Huepful65
3124Sean Weiss62
329EJustin Eason60
3327MErnie Miles, Jr.57
3415Adam White56
3405Sean Metz56
367Matt Luzi53
3745jrScott Maher, Jr.47
3820Ryan Simmons40
3954Kurt Bettler38
407JErik McKinney36
4043Michael White36
4009Dave Jenkins36
4311Greg Nailor32
4469SDoug Snyder25
4514PGeorge Pultz22
4618Vince Malcom, Jr20
4721.5Anna Parks10
4714PChad Sandt10
4717Tom Holding10
4780DDavid Crossman10
4741Nico Flammer10

 Car Point
127Rich Stinson, Jr.***376
297Lee Allen364
306Jeff Dirkes315
4856Tom Wills, Jr.311
557Tom Wills, Sr.304
6NS3Nick Sandone III302
773Ken Moren282
857HT.J. Henry***278
911Paul Donahue268
1009Keith McKinley244
1118Mike Hughes, Jr.241
1255John Parker171
1311Gary Klimeczak166
149NJustin Nowlen112
1505Steven Land108
1610Mike Creamer106
1712SBrian Spencer100
1806Vern McLaughlin92
19T14Johnny Bush72
2024Mick Search52
2160Drew Brocklebank38
223jrDaniel Harrison36
2377Jeff Waltz34
2494Brian Ludwig30
2523WEverett Taylor30
2644JDavid Kramer28
2770Ron Frees26

 Car Point
120SAnthony Sisco*384
1B4Tim Borror***336
3612Harry Houdini*288
4117Nolan Openshaw**228
514PGeorge Pultz102
618Vince Malcom, Jr.56
721.5Anna Parks50
79EJustin Eason50
92Bill Schorr48
97Kate Lillick48