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Poker Series Races:
All drivers in attendance receive 50 ‘competition’ points.

The Poker Series is an entirely separate series from the Saturday Night point standings. The Poker Series is 5-Race Series (with an extra bonus hand, making it 6) that rather than computing points, the driver receives a ‘playing card’. A win translates to an Ace, second a King, third a Queen and so forth….all the way down to 13th position.

At the end of the 6 races, what ever driver possesses the BEST Poker hand wins the Series (straights, full houses, 3 of a kind, ect.). The top 3 hands are recognized as well as the ‘worst’ hand (which ever driver has the most cards that amount to the least).





Billy Pauch Sr.



Davey Sammons





Jimmy Horton



Craig Von Dohren





Duane Howard





Billy Pauch Jr.


Brandon Grasso 



Michael Maresca




Richie Pratt Jr.




Matt Stangle




Cale Ross



Ron Roberts


Sam Martz




Steve Kemery





Craig Whitmoyer



Jim Gallagher Jr.


 Steve Davis



Eric Kormann


Sammy Martz Jr.




Travis Hill




Ryan Simmons




Wayne Weaver




Michael White





Matthew Peck





Tom Moore Jr.






Bobby Bracall





Rich Stinson Jr.




John Meyer K_clubs






Brian Ludwig





Lee Allen




Gary Klimeczek




Billy Wroble




John Parker





Keith McKinley





Justin Nowlin




Nick Sandone




Tom Wills Jr.




Paul Donahue