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Bridgeport Speedway


Here is where you will find all the up-to-date point standings in all of Bridgeport Speedway’s regular divisions plus the Poker Series Standings.


The Saturday Night ‘Point Chart’

Designed as follows for regular shows: 1st-60, 2nd-56, 3rd-52, 4th-50, 5th-48, 6th-46, 7th-44, 8th-42, 9th-40, 10th-38, 11th-36, 12th-34, 13th-32, 14th-30, 15th-28, 16th-27, 17th-26, 18th-25, 19th-24, 20th-23, 21st-22, 22nd-21, 23rd on back 20.

The * represents a feature win during the season. Points are calculated from the months of April through September. The top 10 drivers in each division are then honored and acknowledged at the year-end banquet held every December. Most ‘Feature Events’ are based on a ‘handicapping system’ therefore, you will find more times than not, that the drivers in the higher positions in the point standings will be starting towards the back of the Feature Lineup which produces excellent and exciting side by side racing.


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Standings and points will be updated throughout the racing season…


 Car Point                   
114WRyan Watt****516
21Billy Pauch, Sr.***419
3118Jim Britt396
431Tommy Beamer386
50Neal Williams382
628Richie Pratt, Jr.*376
7R10Wade Hendrickson371
8Z14Ron Roberts356
93Sam Martz345
1058Bucky Kell315
112Mike Franz294
1214SDave Shirk289
13414Roger Manning279
1442Jack Swain277
1576David Hunt266
1629Tom Macherrone248
1785Ricky DiEva175
185BBrett Ballard161
1928FStan Frankenfield129
2029MErnie Miles, III113
21121J.R. Burritt96
2232Brandon Grosso88
237Rick Laubach71
24ZButch Tittle63
2543Jimmy Horton60
26R2Rusty Smith58
2761MRocco Infante53
2899HJesse Hill51
29X-ratedTommy Errico, Jr.48
3019Travis Hill44
3129KRyan Krachun38
3211Scott Ambruster32
3366Ryan Godown28
345Don Hallowell26
3591Carson Wright25
351XBrian Papiez25
3528XDave Damiano25
3828XBob Sarkisian23
3928XSteve Kemery21
403Billy Lasko20
4034HTyler Hulmes20
4051Billy Pauch, Jr.20
4318Dominick Buffalino0
435KDerek Krum0
4394Gary Hager0
4334HScott Hulmes0

 Car Point                
192DEric Kormann478
280DDavid Crossman448
359Tom Moore, Jr.*442
4X-ratedTommy Errico*441
531AFrank Dorry434
60Wayne Weaver424
728Bobby Bracall422
8123Brad Roberts**369
931Jim Gallagher, Jr.**360
1024Sam Martz, Jr.332
1153Roger Gaskill*305
1227JChris Jenkins274
13257Tom Sherby*271
1420GDanny Buccafusca242
1411Parker Guldin*242
1669KSteve Kemery221
1710SSeth Spayd202
1817Tom Holding193
1939MMatt Peck190
209AHoward Huepfel183
21304Rich Wegner, Sr.179
2253David Hartman175
237Matt Luzi*162
2429Dave Damiano140
2512SScott Kohler128
266Andrew Joslin120
2730JJeremy Harrington116
2829Mark Clauss114
2921Pete Serra95
3027MErnie Miles, Jr.89
3119Connor King86
32D1Jordan Cox62
3321AJohn Micek61
34304Rich Wegner, Jr.58
3523RRay Cost50
3634John Cavallaro46
3720GJohn Gilroy27
3892Jason Rush26
39587Jim Cheesman23
3909Dave Jenkins23
4020Ryan Simmons21
4186Charles Stone0
4195Olivia Ingersol0
414Aaron Bowes0

 Car Point
13DJeramy Doerr****440
2856Tom Wills, Jr.***432
310Michael Creamer*402
497Lee Allen388
594Brian Ludwig384
673XGary Elliott300
792Darren Cox300
806Jeff Dirkes284
911Paul Donahue252
1005Steven Land221
1109Keith McKinley202
1273Ken Moren194
1311Gary Klimeczak182
14K9Scott Hulmes128
1423WBilly Wroble128
166Andrew Joslin114
1727Rich Stinson, Sr.100
1827Rich Stinson, Jr.94
198Eric Mattson93
2044JTerry Griffin64
2144JDavid Kramer44
2226John Parker40
2317Terry Sammons34
2476Jim Avery28


 Car Point
124Sammy Martz, Jr.**338
210SSeth Spayd*322
320GDanny Buccafucsca**320
311Parker Guldin*320
553Dave Hartman248
64UPaige Brown46