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     Rick Laubach, CJ Jones and Ron Frees capitalized on an opportunity when they picked up Aces as the result of their feature wins in the Bridgeport Speedway’s Bonus Hand for the 2015 Poker Series.


For 2012 Bridgeport Champion, Rick Laubach the win in the thirty lap Spirit Auto Centers Big Block Modified event was his sixth win of the 2015 season on the 5/8 mile track but this win came behind the wheel of Glenn Hyneman’s No. 126.  It was Laubach’s first outing in Hyneman’s Big Block Modified.  “This was a driver’s track tonight,” Laubach stated after his win.  “I just want to thank Glenn and Bonita Hyneman for this opportunity to run their car.”


By virtue of the luck of the draw, Rocco Infante and Laubach led the field to the green flag.  Laubach quickly jumped into the lead but Infante wasn’t giving up as he gave chase, keeping his JR1 in the tracks of Laubach and the No. 126.  Mike Iles put the Active Environmental No. 711 into second following a lap seven restart for the disabled car of Ryan Krachun.


Laubach began to pull away from the field but the caution waved again with twelve complete when a chain reaction incident sent Richie Pratt, Jr. to the pits with the Overhead Door No. 0.  Laubach chose the inside on the restart and Iles raced side by side with the leader when the race went back to green flag racing.  As the field exited turn four on lap thirteen, Iles was the new race leader.


With ten to go, Iles led Laubach, Infante, Jordan Watson and Neal Williams but Laubach was closing fast.  Laubach powered by Iles on lap twenty-one to regain the lead as Williams moved up to third.  With just five laps to go, Ryan Watt drove into the top five with a pass by Watson.  Watt had driven from 24th to fifth, powering his small block into the top five after engine problems sidelined his big block entry.


Laubach drove to the checkered without further challenge as Iles led Williams across the line for second and third.  2015 Modified Champion, Jamie Mills finished fourth with Watt rounding out the top five.


Steve Searock led the first two laps of the Steward Stainless Crate/Sportsman main event before young Brandon Grosso took the lead on lap three.  Gross led the way for three circuits before CJ Jones took the lead on lap six.  It was all Jones to the checkered flag as Jones drove to his Ace at the checkered flag.  Grosso had another strong outing to finish second followed by 2015 Champion, Pat Wall, Dave Damiano and Frank Dorry.


Ron Frees returned to competition on dirt after competing on the asphalt for much of the 2015 season and quickly found his way into Bridgeport’s Victory Lane in the PennCo Tech Outlaw Stock feature event.  Jeramy Doerr finished second with pressure from TJ Henry at the finish.  Jeff Dirkes finished fourth with Tom Wills, Jr. rounding out the top five.


Kristina Pratt (Modified), Courtney Picken (Crate/Sportsman) and Shanan Lea (Outlaw Stocks) picked up wins in the Powder Puff feature events on the quarter mile track.





Spirit Auto Centers Big Block Modified Feature (30 laps)


  1. Rick Laubach, 2. Mike Iles, 3. Neal Williams, 4. Jamie Mills, 5. Ryan Watt, 6. Jordan Watson, 7. Doug Manmiller, 8. Eric Kormann, 9. Jimmy Horton, 10. Ryan Godown, 11. Wade Hendrickon, 12. Dominick Buffalino, 13. Ian Humphreys, 14. Bob Sarkisian, 15. Howard O’Neal, 16. Ronnie Roberts, 17. Dale Hawkins, 18. Mark Bitner, 19. Scott Ambruster, 20. Rocco Infante, 21. Ryan Anderson, 22. Sam Martz, 23. Richie Pratt, Jr., 24. Mike Franz


Steward Stainless Crate/Sportsman Feature (20 laps)


  1. CJ Jones, 2. Brandon Grasso, 3. Pat Wall, 4. Dave Damiano, 5. Frank Dorry, 6. Bob Lilick, 7. John Micek, 8. Brad Roberts, 9. Mike Lyons, 10. Brian Lilick, 11. Clyde Cox, 12. Kyle Lilick, 13. Kevin Sockriter, 14. Chuck Potts, 15. Steve Searock, 16. Steve Loorak, 17. Dave Banko, 18. David Crossman, 19. Steve Kemery, 20. David Jenkins, 21. Will Dupree, 22. Connor King, 23. Pete Visconti, 24. Chuckles Stone, 25. Brian Lilick


PennCo Tech Outlaw Stock Feature (15 laps)


  1. Ron Frees, 2. Jeramy Doerr, 3. TJ Henry, 4. Jeff Dirkes, 5. Tom Wills, Jr., 6. Darren Cox, 7. Tom Wills, Sr., 8. Mike Creamer, 9. Joe Meron, 10.  Jack Beaumont, 11. Jimmy Avery, 12. Pete Ellis, Jr., 13. Spider Ensinger, 14. Steve Land, 15. Sean Smith,, 16. James Rader, 17. Matthew Peck, 18.  Kenny Watson, 19. Fred Tomarchio



Powder Puff - Outlaw Stocks

  1. Shanan Lea, 2. Beth Beaumont, 3. Kristy Hicks, 4. Autumn Gobrick


Powder Puff - Crate/Sportsman

  1. Courtney Picken, 2. Renee Crossman, 3. Maryann Ecret


Powder Puff - Modifieds

  1. Kristina Pratt, 2. Shirley MacNair, ,3. Olivia Ingersol, 4. Fay Lancaster, 5. Alina Lockhoff



Upcoming Events

Friday, November 13, 2015 – WILD CARD WEEKEND, 358 Small Block Modifieds, TSRS 305 Sprints, Outlaw Stocks plus Practice for Saturday, Racing at 7pm

Saturday, November 14, 2015 – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks & Garden State Vintage Cars. Racing at 4pm


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