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               After giving it some thought once the 2015 racing season concluded, the ‘First State’ racer Jordan Watson will be calling Bridgeport Speedway his new home in 2016.  Actually, Watson is no stranger to Bridgeport, as he’s been a track regular before.  However, this will be his first full season behind the wheel of a powerful Big Block touring the 5/8 mile oval.

               Watson was quick to point out that he’s looking forward to racing weekly at the South Jersey facility.  “We talked it over with my family and everyone and we just feel Bridgeport is where we need to be this year.  We came up last summer and had a blast.  We struggled at first but then we were able to visit victory lane (Bridgeport’s historical 1,000th Big Block feature) which made it all worth it.”

               Watson has had plenty of success in his home state of Delaware where he’s recorded three Crate championships at Delaware International Speedway along with a 2014 Big Block track title as well as the ’13 Sportsman American Racer Cup.   Last year Watson conquered the Beach Blast at Georgetown and he closed his season out with a victory at the Delaware State Championships.  Jordan also owns a Crate Sportsman championship at Bridgeport along with a couple of prestigious victories coming in the Bill Hill Memorial and Friends of Mike races.

               “I’m honestly looking forward to running with the drivers that race at Bridgeport.  There’s some stiff competition and when you win there you’ve done something.  Guys like Jamie (Mills), Rick (Laubach), Watt, Pratt.  Their all tough there and a lot more.  I just feel Bridgeport is real racey.  There’s multiple grooves and you can move around and search for your line.  It’s definitely a place where I feel I can sharpen my skills this season.”

               Surprisingly, one of Jordan’s main reasons for making the switch didn’t pertain to the actual track or racing on it, although he expressed his fondness to the racing surface.  “What really excites me when I come to Bridgeport is all the things they do on the fan’s side over there.  I mean these kids are our next generation of fans   or drivers and Bridgeport keeps them excited and entertained.  A lot of these tracks need to do that kind of stuff like they do because it matters more than people think.  My wife, Alison and some friends came to a race this year there and had a blast there.  Listening to the band, seeing the cars up close, and watching the kids do all kinds of activities.  I’m glad I’m going to be part of that great atmosphere they’ve got going on up there.”

               Even though running up front at Bridgeport and hopefully a track championship will be Watson’s main focus, he does have a busy schedule planned this 2016      campaign.  “I’m going to run the whole South Region of the Short Track Super Series along with all of Georgetown’s races.  Some specials at Delmar and maybe even a  couple of races in New York.  Currently, we’re in the process of building an open-small block for some of these shows too.  I’d say we have close to 45 races penciled in  already this season.”

               Jordan’s very thankful for the people that are backing his racing efforts.  The 27-year old, State of Delaware equipment operator from Milford, De driver will be driving a ’13 and a ’15 Bicknell chassis in 2016 powered by a Larry Lombardo engine.  One will be owned by Glenn and Donna Watson while the other comes out of well-known Delaware owner Will Brown’s stable.  Some of the sponsors that make it all happen include Remax Twin Counties, Regan Watson Auction, Will Brown Truck Repair, Courtland Manor Nursing Homes, Miller Metal Fabrication, Delmarva RV, Swain’s Excavation, and Perfect Finish Powder Coating.  “Like I said, I have a lot of people that help me and we enjoy going to the races as a family.  That’s why Bridgeport is a perfect fit for me and my team this coming season.  I can’t wait ‘till March 26!”


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