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Rekindling the “Love for Car”

Rekindling the “Love for Car”



Whatever happened to the love for car anyway?  That once coveted pass time, that sense of obligation to have the know-how to fix your own vehicle, and that overall obsession for raw American made horsepower has dripped through the finger-tips of our culture into the land that once was.  Now kids are enamored with bright lit screens on smart phones, lap tops, game consoles, and personal tablets.  Long gone are the days where hobbies and family tradition are passed down from one generation to the next.  Now, kids are given smart devices to pacify them and they are embraced by a world that doesn’t really exist.  Some say that they don’t make cars like they use  to(and I’m not arguing that point at all), others say that the family unit on average in our culture isn’t as strong as it once was, and some say kids just plain out are not interested anymore.  I would like to propose a solution to this problem with the pop-culture stricken youth that we have today.  I would propose that the only thing that can rekindle the love for car in our culture today is a good ole’ fashioned dirt track race!


In order to rekindle that love for car we need to bring back that excitement and respect that people once had for raw horsepower in the golden age of motorsports, muscle cars, and building a real race car.  We need to reignite the flame of intensity that once existed between two rival drivers, two race teams who have worked day and night on their cars, or two fans who are rooting for opposing drivers.  See, we live in a culture where people have an attention span of .8 to 8 seconds long and that’s it.  That’s all you got.  Can you build a race car, run heats, and run a feature in that amount of time?  Can you watch a race in that amount of time?  Our culture today needs instant satisfaction and people don’t receive that in motorsports whether it be from the racers perspective or the fans perspective.


So, how can we try and remedy this issue?  I believe that if we can get people(new people; new fans, new interested race teams) to the track and we can show them the excitement that lives in the world of short track dirt racing and we can show them the hard work and rewards that come from building and racing a car that maybe we can rekindle that love for car that once was.  This isn’t going to be an easy task and I believe it will have to be done one person at a time. Keep in mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Many people are saying “the sport is dying,” “it’s just not the way it once was,” and many other excuses about the state of motorsports in general.  I’m sick to death of hearing that.  The excitement, rewards, intensity, competiveness, strong bond, and fun factor of dirt track racing has not changed.  It’s still there!  I simply feel that we need to reintroduce people to this Saturday night tradition.  So, maybe it wasn’t passed down to little Timmy because his dad wasn’t around or maybe Johnnie has never been to a race because he plays Xbox at home all day and night.  Let’s show them what a good time really is!  Let’s show them the love for car!









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