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Bridgeport, NJ - Night one of Bridgeport Motorsports Park Wild Card Weekend sponsored by John Blewett, Inc. is in the books with two more days to follow.  The racing action was intense as the fans gathered on a beautiful Fall evening to watch the three and four abreast racing on the 4/10th mile track.

Absolute Control Dog Training sponsored the two days of the High Banks Classic for the winged sprint cars of URC.  Mark Smith got things rolling as he picked up the win - his 21st of the season and his first ever at the Bridgeport Speedway.

Smith raced for the lead with Ryan Taylor at the start but it was Taylor who grabbed the lead in turn three and led the field to the stripe to complete the first lap.  Smith continued to pressure Taylor and even edged ahead on lap three but the wave of the yellow flag negated Smith’s efforts. 

Taylor was able to pull ahead when the green flag waved as he led Smith, Troy Betts, Adam Carberry and Josh Weller through lap five.  Carberry and Weller were not only racing for position but for the 2020 URC title.  Coming into Friday night’s events, Carberry led Weller by a single point.

The red was displayed on lap eight when Austin Bishop took a ride in turn two.  The driver was not injured but the car was heavily damaged.

After a false start, Taylor was able to take the lead on the second restart but the caution waved again before the lap could be completed - this time for the spinning car of Danny Pebbles.  

Smith became the race leader on lap nine as Betts moved into second, dropping Taylor to third.  Carberry and Weller completed the top five through lap ten.

By halfway, the leaders had caught the back of the field and were racing through lapped traffic.  Lucas Wolfe, a past winner of this event, raced just outside the top five, looking for his opportunity.  

Taylor renewed his efforts to regain second from Betts but Betts was able to hold off Taylor’s efforts.  After contact with the wall, Taylor would head pitside and not complete the race.

Smith drove to the checkered for the win.  Carberry took second in the closing laps with Betts crossing the line in third.  Weller finished fourth with Ryan Smith and the Eastern Rigging No. 10x finishing fifth.  Lucas Wolfe, JJ Grasso, Tyler Ross, Alex Bright and Robbie Stillwaggon trailed the leaders to complete the top ten.

Carberry’s point lead increased to thirteen after the first night of racing.

The Sunbelt Rental Street Stocks put on a great show of close competition in their twenty lap feature event.  

Former track champion Jeramy Doerr raced two time champion Tom Wills Jr. for the lead at the start.  Doerr grabbed the lead as he and Wills raced through turn two.  The cars ran four wide behind the leaders.

Lee Allen raced into second and then closed in on Doerr to challenge for the lead.  Allen was the new leader on lap eight as 2020 Champion, Rich Stinson battled Doerr and Mike Huges, Jr. for second.  

Stinson moved into second and chased Allen for the second half of the race.  Stinson was able to get a nose alongside Allen’s No. 98B but each time, Allen was able to hold off the challenge.

Stinson and Allen raced side by side out of turn four as they headed for the checkered flag.  It was Allen for the win at the finish line by a wheel.  Stinson finished second followed by Mike Hughes, Jr., Shannon Mongeau and TJ Henry.  Brian Spencer, Ron Frees, Nick Sandone, John Parker and Mike Creamer followed to complete the top ten at the finish.

Six track champions competed in this twenty lap race - Stinson, Henry, Frees, Wills Sr., Wills, Jr. and Doerr.

John Micek was the early leader in the South Jersey Overhead Door 602 Sportsman Underdog 20.  This race was open to any 602 Sportsman competitor that had not won a feature event this season.

Tom Sherby took the lead following a lap five caution and never looked back as he raced to the win.  Joseph Brown finished second with Anthony Tramontana advancing to third late in the race.  Micek finished fourth with Payton Talbot taking fifth in his first ever race at the Bridgeport Motorsports Park.  Travis Hill, Wayne Weaver, Jon Meyer, Ryan Grim and Doug Snyder rounded out the top ten at the checkered.  


RESULTS 11/06/20:

South Jersey Overhead Door 602 Sportsman Underdog 20 (20 laps)

  1. Tom Sherby, 2. Joseph Brown, 3. Anthony Tramontana, 4. John Micek, 5. Payton Talbot, 6. Travis Hill, 7. Wayne Weaver, 8. Jon Meyer, 9. Ryan Grim, 10. Doug Snyder, 11. Chad Sandt, 12. Sean Metz, 13. Beau Drobot, 14. Chris Jenkins, 15. Joe Nappi, 16. Billy Chester, 17. Brad Roberts, 18. Anthony Raisner, 19. Pete Serra, 20. Aaron Weaver, 21. Matthew Martino, 22. Will Protinick, 23. Scott Maher Jr., 24. Daniel Morgiwetz, 25. Mike Baldwin


Capitol Renegade URC 360 Sprint Cars (25 laps)

  1. Mark Smith, 2. Adam Carberry, 3. Troy Betts, 4. Josh Weller, 5. Ryan Smith, 6. Lucas Wolfe, 7. JJ Grasso, 8. Tyler Ross, 9. Alex Bright, 10. Robbie Stillwaggon, 11. Jason Shultz, 12. Briggs Danner, 13. Dallas Schott, 14. Ryan Stillwaggon, 15. Kyle Smith, 16. Derek Locke, 17. RJ Jacobs, 18. Davie Franek, 19. Tim Tanner, 20. Danny Pebbles, 21. Ryan Taylor, 22. Pauly Colagiovanni, 23. Ryan Cowan, 24. Matt Tanner, 25. Ed Aiken, 26. Austin Bishop


Sunbelt Rentals Street Stocks (20 laps)

  1. Lee Allen, 2. Rich Stinson, 3. Mike Hughes Jr., 4. Shannon Mongeau, 5. TJ Henry, 6. Brian Spencer, 7. Ron Frees, 8. Nick Sandone III, 9. John Parker, 10. Mike Creamer, 11. Brian Ludwig, 12. Jeff Dirkes, 13. Tom Wills Jr., 14. Drew Brocklebank, 15. Johnny Bush, 16. Doug Ensinger, 17. Jeramy Doerr, 18. Tom Wills, 19. Jeff Waltz


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